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 Way Of Magic Spells

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PostSubject: Way Of Magic Spells   Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:10 pm

These are spells that can be used by everyone,

Way Of Magic #1: Force
Incantation: Spare the fear within another
Ability: Pushes the target away from the user

Way Of Magic #2: The Seal
Incantation: Bound together, frozen in time, seal ones movements
Ability: seals or stops the targets movements temporarily

Way Of Magic #3: Breeze Acending
Incantation: Breeze past thy, where swiftness is key and burden lifts from your shoulders.
Ability: Wind stirs around the user's feet, sacrificing weight for agility and allowing them to move like the wind

Way Of Magic #4: Frozen Sleep
Incantation: Goddess of the night, hear my call. Take the forces of nature to do my will.
Ability: Sends out a cloud of sparkling powder that freezes those it falls on. The larger the radius of the cloud, the lower the effects.

Way Of Magic #5: Golden Sphere of Solitude
Incantation: Stained golden, child of the earth wounded. Godess of the sun engulf thy in ultimate protection
Ability: Creates a golden sphere that expands with boundaries, so no objects outside of the sphere can be damaged, and only those with measurable magic energy could enter.

Way Of Magic #6: Warping Space
Incantation: One who controls space, guide me. One who controls time, follow me. One who controls dimension, be with me. I call upon thee, oh guardians of all three,With thy strength, protect me.
Ability: Barrier extends out and folds space, warping the distance between two points to a single point. Held in one's hand to control it.

Way Of Magic #7: The Chasing Bloodhound
Incantation: Tracks upon grass and breaths amung the wind. Animal ferious shall find thee
Ability: Once the caster inscribes a symbol upon the ground, the targets locations and movements can be discovered or tracked.

Way Of Magic #8: Tears of the mourning pheonix
Incantation: Upon the southern wind, acid tears and mourning crys rain down to embrace all in sorrow
Ability: Causes a cloud of fireballs to rain down upon the target.

Way Of Magic #9: Path of the Ice village
Incantation: Village of the north, grip in fear, razor edges
Ability: Creates a jagged path of ice shards that close in on the target.

Way Of Magic #10: Pale moon of ice
Incantation: Cirlce one and circle again, Dance in ice, in the endless white night
Ability: A circle forms on the ground, and directly above in the air. Ice forms from the ground and then into a full column from the air. Works best when cast outside

Way Of Magic #11: Seering wind of flames
Incantation: child of eve, wind of might upon thy wing. Burning to ashes,
Ability: The wind howls by the caster, burning in a destructive force.

Way Of Magic #12: Crackling lightning of furied Zues
Incantation: Good o' greek, Shoot from thy tower you sit upon, burning ferocity screams with each breath, sever.
Ability: Works well in stormy weather. A column of lightning crackles throughout the heavens and streamed to the earth, illuminating the caster as it bores a hole through the clouds and encases their body in rapid lightning, marking outstretched hand before the lightning disappeares. Say reflect to shoot lightning from their palm.

Way Of Magic #13: Blue cradel of terror
Incantation: Tarnished sympathy, feared flames stained blue, blood of the godess of the earth ignites
Ability: Causes an blue explosion

Way Of Magic #14: Crimson Cannon
Incantation: stained crimson with blood of the night, red moon lights the helpless sky
Ability: Releases a fireball from the caster's raised palm.

Way Of Magic #15: Chains of the Dead
Incantation: Bones and ashes, flesh and blood, hear my call to do to my will
Ability: A void materializes in front of the caster, and a chain of flesh and bone shoots from it

Way Of Magic #16: Slash of the Blessed Blade
Incantation: light, gleaming in the eyes of night, green as earth and ferious of thy dragon, acend!
Ability: Capable of creating up to a three foot blade of green energy with the slashing power of a blessed blade

Way Of Magic #17: Heavens Wrath
Incantation: Ye Lord, acended upon the heavens crash down with burning fingertips
Ability: Fires a thin bolt of lightning from the caster's fingertips, piercing the subject.

Way Of Magic #18: Snake Whips
Incantation: Heed my cry, come to my aid against dark foe standing nigh. Sound of thunder strike, lash of darkness. Break from the chasm and coil to my hand!
Ability: Creates a whip of black energy that can be snapped out to great lengths, slicing down and/or curling around what's in its path. Only lasts one or two whip cracks.

Way Of Magic #19: Suppresion
Incantation: hands tied, Weep for your sorrows. Weep for your anger. Weep for your vice, plead for freedom
Ability: Seals the subject's arms.

Way Of Magic #20: Dragon of the Atlantic
Incantation: Yeild in terror. Face them and smile for joy as the waters of life hold them at bay
Ability: Moisture builds in the air and solidifies in front of the caster to form into a dragon, shooting towards the opponent to wrap them in magic-enforced water
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Way Of Magic Spells
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