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 Miki Masame

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Miki Masame
Class 2 Student

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PostSubject: Miki Masame   Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:14 pm

Name: Miki Masame

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Group: Student

Class: 2

~Nationality: British,Japanese
~Tattoo's/Peircings: 5 Ear peircings and a belly button peircing.
~Height: 5''5

Personality: Miki is the kind of gril that will do as she pleases. She is close to getting expelled from the school but she could careless, any magic that she learns will probably be fired at the school anyways. Other girls seem to be jelous of her as she is always popular witht he guys, but those bitches can go shove a pole up their ass for all that Miki cares. She causes trouble, and lots of it. She rarely goes to class, and when she does the teacher has a rough time keeping her settled. Miki acts like shes constantly horny or something, she enjoys tieing people up and torchering them because shes kinky like that, or reaking havoc all around the city. She likes to show off her body since she has a killer figure, skirts that are to short and tops that are to low. She enjoys other peopleles pain and would probably make friends with the badasses in the town, she dislikes goody goody people and will try to turn them into badasses.

History: Miki was a average girl in a average family, she was so nice and caring and always worried about how others felt. However as she grew problems arised, a child that wasnt even wanted, a simply mistake. This pissed Miki right off, as her parents told her flat out she wasnt even wanted. What did Miki do? she told them they can go fuck themselves in hell before snapping their necks and leaving them to die. After doing that Miki had no care in the world, infact she enjoyed the pleasurable rush given to her by the kill. Miki then became a drug atict and did as she pleased. Attending the school in Kiahou for all her life, her stoopid dumbass parents never even knew the boarding school was for learning magic, oh wells little did they know Miki had magic powers within her anyways. now at age 18 she still attends the school, even though she doesnt attend class, gives teachers hell and violates the dress code as her clothes are to short and revealing for the schools liking. She has yet to meet any 'fun' friends.
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Miki Masame
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