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 Zolo Kanara

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Zolo Kanara
Class 2 ELite

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PostSubject: Zolo Kanara   Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:52 pm

Name: Zolo Kanara

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Group: Teacher[Elite]-2nd Class. Manager of Kiahou Hotel.

Class: Class 2

~Nationality: Japanese/Korean
~Tattoo's/Peircings: A dragon tattoo on his back

Personality: Zolo is probably one of the most fun people somebody would ever meet in their entire life. He loves to party, do fun exercises, perform fun class opportunities and experiments and loves to chat with others, but he is very intelligent. Zolo can be a real strict ass at times, even going to the point of levitating a student to their own seat for defiance. He also doesn’t care about ditchers and night class members. Their loss right? He is also quite the charmer and can turn the ladies on just with his looks.

History: Zolo Kanara comes from a very hidden background and not much is explained, but here is what was provided. Zolo Kanara was a very respected and well-treated child by many, since his respect, smarts and good looks were highly clear. He graduated at a very young age of 12 and went to a college for four years to get a degree in teaching.

What a young age, People wouldn't think that a 16 year old would graduate college so young, Strange. He went on and submitted an application for Kiahou High and got accepted at the early age. He has been working there for a year and has an ever yet un-obvious crush on some of the students.

RP Sample: [From the Site Society of Souls]

Ahh, what a bright and Ravishing morning, a great time for some tea a Croissants or Maybe even a Scone, It was up to Shenkai. Shenkai thought it would most likely be a great evening to go on an nice stroll along Seiretei and The glistening rays emitting themselves from the Milk colored full moon brought Peace and Justice to the Soul Society and warm feelings to hearts all over the place. Shenkai slowly seeped out of his Division quarters, he was making sure everyone was done for the day and Clarifying that all of his paper work was done. Shenkai closed the door to his Division and Placed his hands deep down into his smooth silky material pockets, Slowly beginning his evening walk down the lovely Seiretei.

His feet hit the ground with smooth footsteps, not making even a fracture on the smooth, Seemingly marble floors that made up the beautiful Sereitei. He walked by a few women that were having tea and winked at the two, Showing his affection towards their beautiful looks and The two women giggled, Liking his affections. Shenkai then passed by two Shinigami training with each other and he greeted the two with a caring smile, Taking a liking to the fact that they were spending some spare time training instead of goofing off.

“Great Job guys” He said, congratulating the two for training. He showed the two a few techniques and brought quick smiles to their faces, After all, Many Shinigami admired Shenkai and thought he was either the coolest, smartest or nicest Captain within the Gotei 13, with some admirers thinking he was all three. Shenkai then passed by some vandals that were trying to cause trouble within Seiretei. He quickly Shunpo’d in front of them, showing his mastery with Shunpo and taking the vandals back to the gaurds and having them thrown out of Seiretei, pretty much sparing the two buffoons and watching as they were thrown out by the righteous and respectful guards. The two guards apologized for not paying attention to the vandals. “It’s no problem Gentlemen, next time though, just try to keep an eye out. Hell, even I make mistakes doing my duty sometimes.” Shenkai replied with a smooth, calm smile. He continued to allow his feet to tap abruptly back and forth on the grounds of Seiretei as he continued to walk along and continue to feel the cool night breeze.

As he continued to walk he came to an abrupt stop, tipping his head up and looking into the blissful skies of the Soul Society. He then flash stepped onto the top of his Division quarters, Crossing his legs and sitting down, Beginning to enter the inner world of his Zanpaktou. As he entered into the world, he saw nothing but space. “Welcome” a voice said, booming across the fields. It was Hisaki, His Zanpaktou. “Hello Hisaki, Good to see you." ”Shenkai replied. “Ah you to Shenkai, it’s always good to have a visitor here, So, What brings you to thy Presence today?” “Ah, Just coming to ask you for a little advice.” “Really? What would you like to know?” “A Kido, I want to create my own, how can I do it? I’ve tried several times, but they were only failure attempts, And I have no idea how to perform enough Reiatsu? Energy? Flash Steps? In order to do so. Im just sort of lost” Shenkai explained to his Zanpaktou. Hisaki brought a graceful smile across his face and walked calmly to Shenkai, in a heroic type manor. He carefully placed his paw onto the Area of Shenkai’s Heart and he looked him in the eyes.

“Use your heart Shenkai, Use your mind and most of all, use me” Hisaki replied with honesty and trust within his deep green eyes. Shenkai agreed with him and returned back to his body within Seiretei and as he kicked up his leg and got back onto his feet. Shenkai then hopped off of his Division quarters building, going inside so that he may fix himself up a lovely spot of tea. He prepared the bubbling hot tea within a kettle and he poured it ever so gently into a tea cup, the brown liquid dropping out of the kettle with intense speed and seconds after making him stop pouring the tea. After he was finished he placed the kettle back into a safe place and sipped on his tea, taking a moment to remember what Hisaki had told him. Flames began to arise as the moonlight began to shine in an even brighter manor and it seemed as if the blistering moonlight shined upon Shenkai, as if he were the Hero of the story of his life, Oh wait, He pretty much was of his life that is.

The Moon began to set and The Sun slowly began to rise, as Shenkai took a small morning flight with some wings that he had smoothly created out of fire. It seemed as if he was flying for a while, which he was. It came to be bright afternoon time, he then landed down to see another captain on a treetop. “Hey Dage, up for a bit of training?” he asked, eager for a fight.
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Daryga Takanashi
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Rebecca Seitz
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Zolo Kanara
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