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 GAH I CANT DO THIS (wil lfinish later)

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Kong Hirazon
Class 5 Elite/ Swim Coach

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PostSubject: GAH I CANT DO THIS (wil lfinish later)   Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:24 pm

Name: Kong Hirazon

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Group: Teacher

Class: Class Five

~Nationality: 25% Black, 25% German, 50% Asain
~Tattoo's/Peircings: None
~Height: 6'3

Personality: Rather stoic in nature he is considered emotionless. Falling for girls only at some times. He is a prophet seeming to zone out at times to predict events that will happen only mere seconds later. Depending on how hard he concentrates would determine if he can see father into said future. He is emotionless do to the fact he had suffered a great deal over time.

History: He was born as a fish, he swam around a lot and then was hit by toxic waste, the waste turned him into a were-shark. As a were-shark he would randomly turning a shark at night and murder his family. After attacking a Human male who had also fell into the toxic waste it was then found out that he became a were-human. Switching between a Shark man and a normal looking human at midnight every night for 12 years.

After attending the school He learned to control these outbursts of rage and anger. Only being able to turned sharkman on command. He is not the only half shark mutant in te world. However he is the most vicious. ?____?

RP Sample: He opened the window and crawled through, landing on the floor to this random room in dorm 4. He looked around sly as he opened the drawer and rummaged around pulling out panties and bras. He gave a wicked smile as the lights popped on. He turned around as stared the ma directly in the eye. "What are you doing here!, and why are you messing with my clothes." The man asked Kong. He blinked several times before he replied. "Whoa whoa whoa our a cross dresser?!!"
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The Hisokian
Class 5 Student

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PostSubject: Re: GAH I CANT DO THIS (wil lfinish later)   Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:26 pm

Approved. O____O
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GAH I CANT DO THIS (wil lfinish later)
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