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 Aiyaaaa~, What a Pain...[Done]

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PostSubject: Aiyaaaa~, What a Pain...[Done]   Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:18 pm

Name: [Misifune, Yuki]

Age: [18]

Gender: [Female]

Group: [Student]

Class: [Class 5]

~Nationality: [Japanese]
~Tattoo's/Peircings: [Two small diamond studs on each ear.]
~Height: [5'6"]

Personality: [She's rather quiet but no where near shy. She simply only talks when she sees the need to. If not she doesn't. Disliking authority her teachers have to prove they're worthy of being teachers before she begins to warm up to them. She loves music and as such almost never takes off her headphones. Because of her unwillingness to take off her headphones she even learned to read lips, making life easier for her. She is not horribly concerned with fashion, though she is always fashionably dressed. She also has a habit of chewing a lot of gum, she dislikes it when she can't chew on it.]

History: [She was born to a wealthy family, her mother an astute business woman and her father a doctor. She's had a pampered lifestyle never having to deal with the real world, locked away in her own world with her music, friends and various activities. She has never had to actually work for anything before, and likes it when things are handed to her. As a small child her parent put her in a martial arts class, where she became toned and disciplined. Over the years she learned kung-fu, kendo and judo listening to music the entire time. As a result of this early life martial arts mastery, but now she is fairly good at all three, kendo being her strongest suit.

Also around this time she began to develop magic powers. They were wild and uncontrolable. Whenever she got into spars she would always end up hurting her sparring partner. After awhile her parents decided enough was enough and looked up ways to help her. They found Kaihoum Magic School. Deciding it was for the best they sent her to this boarding school with their best wishes. Yuki could care less as long as she had her music and could at least make a friend or two. She arrived at her dorm headphones blaring a pink buuble in front of her face for a moment before it popped. Well, it was time to see where she stood. ]

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Kong Hirazon
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PostSubject: Re: Aiyaaaa~, What a Pain...[Done]   Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:47 pm

Calss two is full please join class five approved

jk about the full class
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Aiyaaaa~, What a Pain...[Done]
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