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 My spells!!!

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Tega Seitz
Class 8 Student

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PostSubject: My spells!!!   Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:12 pm

-Name: Hydra Summoning
Incantation: Hydra! (Then Tega drops a blue seed on the ground and it summons the Hydra Very Happy)
Ability: Basically summon a Hydra THe Hydra is able to grow three heads everytime one is cut off. Tega is only able to do this once. The Hydra also can blow blue fire.
Limit/Duration/Cooldown: Duration: (depending on how long it takes to cutt the hydra's heads off) Cooldown: 8 posts

-Name: Water Needle
Incantation: WATER NEEDLE!!!
a large water spout is created and is used as a tornado like needle agenst the enemy.
Limit/Duration/Cooldown: Limit/duration: 7 posts Cooldown:4 posts

-Name: Water wave
Incantation:Tega slides his left hand accross his right arm.
Ability: Basically the ability to control the waves and water bt also to slam them together very hard.
Limit/Duration/Cooldown: Limit/duration:10 posts cooldown:3 posts

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Daryga Takanashi
Class 8 Elite

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PostSubject: Re: My spells!!!   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:19 am

Oh jeez... Here we go xD.

First of all Tega, the incantations are supposed to be a phrase that you verbally say in order to summon the spell; like on Bleach, the incantations for kido. If you still do not understand, look at others' templates for their spells.

I'm sorry to say this Tega, but the first two spells are utterly denied. They are powerful and thought out, but they are WAY too powerful for only a normal student such as yourself. Manipulating a giant three-headed hydra, or creating an enormous water cyclone would probably cause you to pass out; even teachers would find this to be a difficult feat. Please re-do the first two spells.

And for your third spell, please lower the duration to 8 posts.
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My spells!!!
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