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 King of Spades

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PostSubject: King of Spades   Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:50 pm

Name: Ryuuzaki Kurodo a.k.a King of Spades

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Elite/Teacher

Class: Class 3

Nationality: Sumerian/Japanese
Tattoo's/Piercings: He has a tattoo on his back, that covers the entire upper and middle back, extended to his shoulders. This tattoo can be made visible and invisible by means of Magic.
Height: 5"10

Personality: Ryuu isn't really someone that can be described in a few words. He is more or less a normal person, and like every normal guy, he has mixed emotions. For eg. he is normally quite carefree, aloof, and overall doesn't seem to be unhappy or sad, but he does seem to have his emo moments. All in all, he remains indifferent to most things happening around him, but is still a perceptive guy, who rarely misses any details. He has scene many scenes of gore, people all about, some dead, some in nearly undescribable conditions and is rarely shocked, or phased at scenes of death, or gore, and yet, he has a soft spot for his comrades, sometimes getting a bit emotional. He likes to make sarcastic remarks, and is kinda arrogant, and a bit of a show off, but has never in his life let his cocky attitude blind him, into under-estimating someone. He is quite practical, logical and wise, preferring scientific proof, over blind faith. He is pretty intelligent, titled as a genius in his field of work. Last but not least, he is quite a flirt, always trying to hit on someone or the other, sometimes innocently, and sometimes, in other ways.
In a battle, he is perceptive, and good strategist, claiming that even if their is only a one percent chance of winning, he will exploit it to its fullest. He is known to be more of a trickster than a powerhouse, but has his share of devastating techniques. So if He were to be described in just a couple of words, it would be kinda arrogant, Flirtatious, logical, wise, extremely intelligent, lazy, aloof, carefree and most of all, sarcastic.

History: Death. That was the first thing he experienced when he was old enough to even understand what it was. Born and raised on a virtual battle field, he is known to have met some of the greatest of warriors of the last generation. His father himself, was a legendary man, known as the King of Hearts. He was known to be unmatched as an Illusionist. The man was so strong, that he was infact, believed to be unbeatable. It was thought that no one could escape his illusions, and thus, he assisted the rebels in the secret war against the Black Dragon Army. The war had been raging on for 10 years now. It was a fight to protect the freedom of not only all the arcana wielders but the entire world. The Black Dragon army, were nearly mutants, that had been filled to the brim with Black Arcana. This said, they were as strong as the rebels or even stronger. They had brutish strength, and they still retained there humanoid form and intelligence. After 10 years of fierce battling, the Black Dragon Army was beaten, but at the cost of the Rebel Leaders, that included his father. Being a single mother was tough on her, but she decided to raise him anyhow, and took him to Japan. Once in Japan, she decided to keep him away from all of this. She raised him as a normal human child, and as far as she could remember, she did nothing wrong. But whether it was the memories of his childhood, or the love of magic he inherited from his father, he was drawn to that world, like a moth to light.

He was a genius when it came to it. He went to the very school where he is a teacher. He studied in class 3, and was an exceptional student. He was so strong, that it was scary. They decided, that having been under the influence of magical beings, he gained some special traits, which was simply a way of disregarding the fact, that he was just that good. 2 years later, when he graduated, he was offered a job as a teacher. But he refused, claiming that he was headed on a long journey, to gain more power. He didn't know why he wanted to be strong. He just knew that he did, and that was all he needed. During this period, his strength increased, and it became of legend, earning him the nickname of "King of Spades" for his Mastery over the Magical arts. It was believed that he was the kind of genius, that came along once in a century. For years without end, he trained, for that was all he could do, and even after amassing such a large amount of power, he was unhappy. There was nothing for him to do with it. He had no evil intentions, and there was nowhere that such strength was needed. Nowhere? No. He remember, how the teachers at his school used to be so strong. He now knew, that he was at least at their level, and so without wasting anymore time. He applied for the spot. It was obvious that he would be the one chosen, and it was as everyone expected. It hasn't been many years since he has been the Teacher of Class 3, and apparently, his true identity has been well hidden, very few remembering who the King of Spades is, but for those that do, know what he is capable of.
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PostSubject: Re: King of Spades   Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:19 pm

Wow thats great

Approved ^_^
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King of Spades
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