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 Xia Song (-Campbell)

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PostSubject: Xia Song (-Campbell)   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:39 am

Name: Xia Song

Age: 17

Gender: Think of a female

Group: Student

Class: Class 9

Is often up to change, so basically her hair is currently black with some soft pink tips as she likes to dye it (naturally black), and reaches about mid-back (seems to prefer it up in some way). Has been known to become a myriad of colors despite rules of previous schools. Her eyes though are a pure blue, through and through, and she doesn’t much care for contacts so no fears on changes there. Skin is a rather fair complexion, and refuses to tan nearly at all, while her body type is more lithe, flexible, and thin: working out isn’t her favorite thing so doesn’t do it religiously and with fervor. Dress style would be a bit out there to some as she seems quite comfortable in anything and everything so long as she’s had her way with it. Even school uniforms see a fit of changing and mixing, often with some color to it. For regular times its to be described via posting as to try to go through any of the possible combinations would be too much. One thing that is semi-constant would be the wearing of an eye-patch to her discretion. She doesn’t need it, but she likes it.
~Nationality: British, Chinese
~Tattoo's/Piercing: four holes in her left ear, two in her right
~Height: 5’4”


To best say it Xia appears apathetic quite often. Not to say that she is, just appears so. It’s not hard for her to appear just as happy like the hostess asking how many in one’s party before seating you at a restaurant, but doesn’t mean this is how she’s feeling either. Half the time her outward appearance is contradictory in some way to her actual mood, but not always. Times do exist when her smile is true and the glare in her eye truly induces a soul chill…or sock tingling sensation. While very much an animal lover, as she claims she’s had lovely conversations with them, there’s a particular type she’s not so fond of: apes. When it comes to talks of war she’s in full support, seeing it as a way to try to achieve a leveling state of the human race, similar to when rabbit populations reach too high and are devoured by predators or die off due to starvation until they reach a level the environment can support. Often mutters to herself or some unseen individual in a language only she understands seeing as it’s something of gibberish. Doesn’t believe in certain ideas such as ‘normal’ or ‘sanity’ seeing as such is defined by the individual or hold no real standards in nature, and leads her to disagree with some ideals.

Always, always, always, her parents worried as their young daughter chose to play alone or with stuffed animals to the children they made play dates with or the groups. Daycare proved just as impossible with her and only provoked some mild aggression that disciplinary actions appeared to suppress if only in the sense they never saw the behavior anymore. Time progressed and she began talking to an imaginary friend who also was more interesting to her than any of the other children, as well as developing a habit of muttering to herself in some unintelligible language. One of the few children she did like was her cousin through her mother’s family, Jack Campbell, which helped ease some of the worry since it meant she could make a friend when she wished.

Time progressed and some of these habits didn’t go away as the therapists said they would so they decided to do one of the few things they believed best for her: send her to the same school as Jack in hopes she’d meet people like him there. They have been rewarded with the fact that she’s become more interested in her schoolwork, or in some studies that they can’t seem to comprehend and figure out, and piqued her interests in subjects even though such are strange such as…well best to leave them off. She was rewarded for her good grades by being allowed to have her cat live with her, which she has since been bringing to school whether allowed to or not.

RP Sample: Nope.
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Daryga Takanashi
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PostSubject: Re: Xia Song (-Campbell)   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:00 am

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Xia Song (-Campbell)
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