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 Darks Academy

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PostSubject: Darks Academy   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:28 am

Long ago their was a jewel that gave of extremely powerful energy many people within world tried to obtain this jewel but it was always too allusive. It was rarely found and when it was found it was obtained by an extremely powerful being and fights broke out and there was much blood shed, all do to their power hungry madness. This jewel that was so powerful just appeared in the world one day, no one knows where it came from, they just know that the jewel was powerful and that was enough for them. Little did they know the jewel had draw backs the longer a person had the jewel the shorter their life span became. This jewel was killing humans around the world were dying do to their obsession with power. A 56year old man named Akai Yukani decided that he didn't wish for this to go on any longer he fought out the jewel and tried to destroy it. He found the jewel with in two years and succeeded in shattering the jewel....but only shattering it. Up on breaking a huge energy was given off and a vast beam of light was emitted from the jewel. A vast humanoid figure slowly emerged from the the light as Akai stood there not the least bit phased by the figure because he already knew what was contained inside the jewel. He image walked out calmly surging with power as his hands were in his pockets and his eyes blazed red. His facial expression looked very emotionless he didn't even look mad even though he was imprisoned in the jewel for 3years.

"Hmph...." the person with his hands in his pockets simply said.

Akai looked at him and pointed at him and said "Yukaine you have plagued the minds of these people long enough....You must pay for what you have done."

The man or creature what ever he was simply looked at him calmly and said nothing as a hazes of dust flew past him as the wind blew. He took one hand out of his pocket and held it up and towards Akai then pointed at him with his index finger. A small ball of energy slowly formed at his finger tip as he had that same emotionless face. Akai simply stood there with his hands to his sides and awaited the blast that would possibly end his life. "So you wish for this place to be where you die....?" Akai just looked at him and did nothing he wasn't afraid at all. I sealed you away in that jewel yet you still found a way to do such evil things." He took out a paper talisman and threw it at him and sealed his energy as they were talking the jewel began reforming. Akai quickly ran over and grabbed the jewel and began to run away not of fear but of tactics. Akai was severely ill and wasn't even supposed to be out of bed. He ran from Yukaine and he looked at the talisman on his arm he just grabbed and ripped it off and took aim at Akai and shot out a energy beam towards his shoulder and it pierced right through. Blood shot out as the beam went through his shoulder and Akai fell to the ground as the man that came out of the jewel walked towards him and kicked him onto his pack and looked at him and said to him. "Give the black tear back before you die old man..." Akai smiled as he put a dose of energy into the jewel into the jewel and held hit tightly in his hand. "Fine, you want to die so eagerly...far be it me to hold you back from that....hell I'll even help you with it." He pointed his finger towards Akai's chest and shot another beam of energy through his heart. His yes widened as he smiled still then the narrowed once more and they soon closed and he slowly drifted away to the after life. "Old fool....." He opened Akai's dead hands and the Black tear was gone. "You really want the humans of this world to die...." He sighed and went on search for the jewel and killed many that dare stood in his way around that same day the jewel appeared at a school on a desk of the dean. The dean in the chair turned around when he sensed the energy in the room and saw the jewel know as the black tear. At that moment he knew that Akai was dead his father.

So it turned out that Akai was the father of the dean of the school. The deans name is Kuyama and teaches the gifted humans of the world how to manage there powers, teach fighting styles as well as provide them with a normal education. The academy is always being attacked by soulless that Yukaine sent them to do. Now the kids of the Academy are intertwined with the mess of the family but they are more than up for it.

What will you be...Good or evil?!
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Darks Academy
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