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 Up the Wall and to the Left

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PostSubject: Up the Wall and to the Left   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:31 pm

Purrs mixed with pleased meows and curious grumbles floated from up a tree as the feline spied from atop a branch. A simple perched posture for the calico cat, a black patch around the eye, an orange ear, one black foot and a brownish-orange one, large patches on its overall body and riding up the tail to end in a tip of black, and the main body and face being a simple white. A green right eye and blue left eye swiveled about and found nothing of interest to its own particular kitty tastes. Some students walked on the path in the near distance but were held up in some meaningless conversation as they plodded along. Not much else to look at other than some other faceless students that weren't worth the shredding of their socks so it hopped down a few branches, ran down the rest of the trunk, and finally into a comfy lap.

The girl behind the tree gave the cat a fun full-body strokes and then let her hand rest atop its head, "No one fun to play with Macha? I'm sorry, maybe you'll get to talk to someone interesting or pester an annoying dip. All depends I suppose." Unfortunately she couldn't spend all her time hiding in the shade of the trees, hidden from the main view and stood, placing the cat atop her amusingly large top hat with a queen of hearts - the one card she had left from the current deck of cards before she'd have to break open a new one. It was a smooth and perfect purple. Some of her uniform was worn, and some of what was left of it in the form of the skirt, but had a blue-violet length added on to curve around the back half. The shirt wasn't without its own additions, a pattern of black feathers on blue-violet silk had replaced the cloth below her chest with gold lining and traditional Chinese buttons, the last one undone so some breeze could float into her shirt. The sleeves had similar cloth from the elbow to her wrists with some ruffled pale lavender cloth nearly covering her hands expelling from under the cloth. Her black eye patch - this one donned with a gold cross, covered her right eye today as she saw fit to have it. Bangs cam down to frame her face, some covering up her eye patch, and the rest was pinned to spike out in the back from under the hat.

As she didn't feel like listening to her boots clod on the sidewalk she chose to keep to the grass, as well as staying in the shade as she walked along towards the water fountain. Luckily there didn't seem to be too many around it, most folks choosing benches down the way, hiding in the trees, or very possibly in class. She didn't feel like going. Last she knew her cousin and his friend were elsewhere and she'd had the blasted luck to have a 'chat' with her parents on the phone. Stupid progress reports, but Macha was fine with relaxing atop her hat in the sun so not all was lost. Sitting on the warm concrete at the fountain she ran her finger around in the churning water, simply enjoying the rippling water. Other than the fountain spraying she could only hear a happy meow as the cat enjoyed the sun.
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Up the Wall and to the Left
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