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 Mizuro Rokura

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Mizuro Rokura
Class 4 Student

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PostSubject: Mizuro Rokura   Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:55 pm

Name:Mizuro Rokura

Age: 17

Gender: male

Group: Student

Class: 4

~Nationality: white
~Tattoo's/Peircings: On the back of his neck underneith his hair
~Height: 6'5"

Personality: Mizuro is very active and cannot be found in just one place. Constantly found in a group and alone. A very confusing personality but a bery unique one as well. He is willing to help friend if needed. Not much of a talker but whenever he is in the right mood he will talk to you. Much about him is secret but though he has been through alot he may yet reveal something or may not but secrets are always hidden. There isnot one person without a secret that no even they know.

History: Mizuro came from a very wealthy family, although one day something happened that made his family split up and never to be found. Well split up may not be the word for it. More like getting pushed from eachother because of wierd occurences that have happened. It can't be said wether it was there fault or not but i defenetly happened. Something told Mizuro it was gonna happened but he didn't know why. One day when Mizuro was 13 he was on the street going to the store when he heard very soft voice in his head say this "Now save her now" He looked around and he saw a middle-age lady about to walk across the street on a red light. He looked around and saw nothing unusual but just as he was about to turn his head he heard a car approaching fast and then wheels squealing A car had come around the corner at a fast speed and hit the women her body flying in the air landing a few feet away from where she was standing. Mizuro looked at her as she layed there motionless, his legs were frozen and he stood there in shock and he just couldn't move. A man got out of his truck and walked over to her calling the police. He then heard same voice say "25M-F8H". Not ignoring this he wrote it on a piece of paper and walked by the womens body dropping it on her.

From then on out he never ignored the voice, but always wondered what is was or why it was there. He only heard it about 3 times after that until this day. His family is somewhere out there, and Mizuro doesn't even know if they are dead. One day though he went to the post office and asked for some information, and asked them if he had any mail. It appeared so, when he recieved it it said on the front "A Note for Needs" with nothing else on it except for his name. How did it get here who was it from? Mizuro opened it up and the letter read "This is what you need it will help you with what ever it is you are going to need or want in the near future" it was dated 3 years earlier and he couldn't understand why. At the bottom of the envelope there was a check for 3M. He thought it was a scam but quickly did he find out it was real and soon cashed it. He now has a bank account with 2,400,543 in it and will soon find out what it is truly for.
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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Mizuro Rokura   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:00 pm

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Mizuro Rokura
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