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 Lupin Sansei

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PostSubject: Lupin Sansei   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:29 pm

Name: Lupin Sansei

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Group: None

Class: 5

Appearence: [text or a pic will do]
~Nationality: He is light skinned
~Tattoo's/Peircings: No tattoo's or peircings
~Height: About 5' 11''

Personality: Lupin is very to himself. He likes to be around people, but doesn't like to talk alot. He likes to fight, he is aggrassive, making stupid jokes. Lupin is usually seen by himself, usually thinking about life and what to eat. He loves to eat. Lupin isn't a dark person, but has a dark exo-skeleton. He is a mellow person, and likes his life. He is usually the one to talk first, he is usually the one to make observations, and is very straight forward. He gets what he wants. He is friendly, and very down to earth. He knows when to quit, and knows how to start up again.


Starting out in a regular school, Lupin was very much like his older brother. To himself, and very distant. He never really wanted to aspire to be anything, and thats what got him in trouble most of the times. Something about the free world was killing him inside, he needed to take it head on. And did. He fought alot, alot, and lost at the beginning, but took up several different martial arts classes. His style is something like Jeet Kune Do, mixed with boxing. Very Unorthadox, very fast. He usually skipped school, even at a young age. Lupin was something of a mental case when it came to fighting. He wouldn't talk, he wouldn't say anything, but would be boiling inside, untill he just ended up hitting everyone. With his grandfather passing away, his mother was the only thing he had close to him. After many years of thefts, some drug use, and pretty much never having anything constructive to do, he finally found something of a gate way.

Kaihou's school of magic. Yup, seems weird, but this is what Lup needed. After signing up for some classes, finding out he had "magically" abilities, he took some classes. Well, the classes haven't started, but the school year did. Lupin was amazed by how clean and organized the school was. Coming from a rougher part of town, he never thought something like this exsisted. After taking a small tour with somebody, he wanted to see what the social scene was like. He probably would make a small group of friends, then leave it at that. He didn't like to be "loud", and liked to keep to himself anyway. Either way, he was excited to get started at this new school. With his gloves his grandfather gave him, he knew he would be able to keep up with the fighting.

RP Sample: [include if you want a elite/teacher position]
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PostSubject: Re: Lupin Sansei   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:56 pm

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Lupin Sansei
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