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 Lupin's "Luxxer" Gloves "Gixxer" Shin Gaurds

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PostSubject: Lupin's "Luxxer" Gloves "Gixxer" Shin Gaurds   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:50 pm

Name: Luxxer
Type: Gloves and Shin gaurds.
Manifestation: A Old Guy
~Manifestation Personality: Old, wise, thoughtfull, pops up randomly

Appearence: ((Gloves in my Avatar))
Ability: Lupins hand speed will be faster then lightning, so will his body speed. His strength will increase ten fold when activated, and make him as strong as 5 men. This makes him alittle faster, but nothing over the top. His gloves can withstand blades, any sharp objects, and can repel small energy attacks. His Shin gaurds make him faster, about 2x as fast, and make his kicks as fast as hurricane weather. The gaurds can protect him against blades, most sharp objects, and can repel small energy attacks. The shin gaurds are under his pant legs.

1-99 points: 1-2 weapons
100-199 points: 2-3 weapons
200-299 points: 3-4 weapons
and so on and so forth

Inzen - Latent Power
Lupin will unleash a powerfull aura around him, sending out small shockwaves. He will gain a power boost that gives him a moderate increase in speed, strength, and stamina. The aura is a blueish silver.
Duration/Cooldown: Lasts for 3 post with a 1 post cooldown.

Suiheisen - Horizon
Lupin will charge a orangeish silver aura around his hand. This can be charge for a large amount of time. After charging the attack for however long need be, Lupin will throw his hand outward, sending a large chi like blast from his palm. The blast is pretty large in size ((Like a cero)) and can only be charged for 3 posts.
Duration/Cooldown: Can be charged for 3 posts, after that, the energy has to be charged out.

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Omatsu Oui
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PostSubject: Re: Lupin's "Luxxer" Gloves "Gixxer" Shin Gaurds   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:13 am

Approved >__>
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Lupin's "Luxxer" Gloves "Gixxer" Shin Gaurds
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