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 Bob's Digest

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Bob Kingwe
Class 9 Student

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PostSubject: Bob's Digest   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:25 pm

Bob had arrived in a tentative manner once he got to the school How many years he had been here was no longer a concern to the obscured colored man. He only had one thing to do on his mind, and that was to read. Bob's car pulled up in front of the school taking the reserves spot for a teacher, Bob complained about the heat that rocked the air, the thick humidity outside was mind boggling, almost as if King Kong tried to skull fuck the empire state building. Bob walked into the AC covered room, the fresh breeze tingling against his skin as he walked up to a shelf, pulled out a book and his seemingly frozen face did not move form the book; a blank smile deeply engulfed in the processions of the entrails of the book.
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Bob's Digest
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