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 optional relations template

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PostSubject: optional relations template   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:53 am

alright, seeing as how a few people already set it up how I did, I have decided to put this up here, so you can have it, without going to my topic... >.>

really you can set up your profile however you want, I am just putting up a template you can use if you are stumped...

Enemies- "put what they have to do to become your enemy, and how you react."

aquaintance- "put what they have to do to be an aquainance, and ho you treat them, how you feel, whatever"

Friend- "put what they have to do to be your friend, how you act tawards them, ect."

Best Freinds- "Put how they are your best friend, and how you treat them"

Family- "people you are basically related to"

Love- " put what the person has to do to make you fall for them, what genders you fall for, if your single, ect"


Right after you put that, below it you can mark off an area in your post and put the people you know there, in their respected color, explain a little bit about them, how they became your friend/ enemy, why you dont like them or why you trust them, like so

Matt- one of her friends, she met him at school, and they have been friends, growing coser by talking, and hanging out everyso often, he is good to keep secrets and a fun person.
end of example

see easy


This is optional, I just thought it would be cool to share with you all

~Love, Kyli
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optional relations template
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