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 Relationships of the devils advocate, Yagyu.

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Mirutaka Yagyu
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PostSubject: Relationships of the devils advocate, Yagyu.   Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:44 am

Yagyu doesn't really know anyone, and no one really knows Yagyu. If he did have friends, they would likely be Hisoka and Tia. Though his version of what a friend is, is only in theory since he has no idea what a friend really is, and there is no clear sign of weather or not the two even like him. In reality Yagyu just meet the two, but he has followed them around in interest for quite some time, thus he acts towards them what he asumes a friend acts like...Though he tends to follow the two around even if they do not want him wherever they may be, sometimes out of sight unbeknownst to all, which is stalkerish though he doesn't realize it. He is also sure to have many enemies ass, he, however, has no idea who they might be.
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Relationships of the devils advocate, Yagyu.
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