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 Koga K. Maxwell

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Koga K. Maxwell
Class 5 Student

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PostSubject: Koga K. Maxwell   Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:36 am

Name:Koga Kinoske Maxwell




Class: 5


Personality: A happy go lucky additud with a hint of apsint-mindedness.Always loves a good fight but dose not wish to kill any liveing cratcher.Dosnt try to hard but always gets the job done just take alot longer then anyone els, not to mention a complainer, the only thing that keeps him motevated is lots of food and fighting.He will still fight even if he knows he will lose the battle.

History: Koga was an orphin from a small village in Columbia, befor he was an orphin he had a mother, a brother and a baby sister. One day as koga was walking home from the city he sees that his village was beeing attacked by ruthles thugs and drug runers. Koga remembered that his father was japonese and that he keept two swords in his room at all times. Koga ran into his fathers room and grabed the swords and unsheathed them as one of the thugs walked in and pointed the gun at koga, with out even trying koga swang the swords at the thug swift and fast as the thugs stood there. Sudenly the thugs arm slowly slides right off and he falls back as his torso seperats from his lower half. Koga looked in horrer of what he had done, koga had never whitnesed death befor as the image frightened him so koga gose into a coma like state for 2 years. After the two years koga awakins to find himself in an amarican hospital, moments later a man by the name of Howerd Detro Maxwell walked in and told him that he addopted him and that his village was burned to the ground and that there were no sevivers. Koga was later inlisted into the marins with Howerd so he may train koga to becom a grait soldier, several years after koga finds out that Howerd was killed in a under cover mission, koga thinks to himself that its like loseing my family all over agin. so koga ran away for 8 months to get away from everything, sudenly koga reappers in an area unknown to the milatary his intenshions around this area is unclear.
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Daryga Takanashi
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PostSubject: Re: Koga K. Maxwell   Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:43 am

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Koga K. Maxwell
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