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 Ryuuzaki's Spells

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PostSubject: Ryuuzaki's Spells   Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:14 pm

Name: Way of Magic #87 God of Space
Incantation: None
Ability: The spell is one of a kind developed by Ryuuzaki and usable only by him. This spell places him in a state o Hyper Speed only for some time, allowing him to cover distances like it was nothing. It can be compared to the Shinigami Shunpo, but unlike Shunpo, it isn't related to thrusting the body in one direction. He can change direction quite easily when moving at this speed. It is this technique that got him his nickname, The King of Spades, due to his ability to get away clean.
Limit/Duration/Cooldown: No Limit, no Duration, no CoolDown.

Name: Way of Magic #72 Battle Cry
Incantation: Let the sound of grief fill thy ears, let the sight of gore torture thine eyes, let the loss of the warriors of the bygone ages be felt. With this plea, I invoke the spirits of the past heroes. Give us strength.
Ability: Battle Cry is more of a blessing, if anything at all. It invokes the spirits of mercy and the spirits of death. It is a healing spell that will heal the people in its Area of Effect back to full health, including Ryuuzaki. Its area of effect ranges from 1cm to 10m.
Limit: Can heal any sort of injury sustained in battle. An injury outside of battle cannot be healed. The graver the wound, the longer it takes to heal.
Duration: 1-3 Post
CoolDown: 5 Posts

Name: Way of Magic #98 Black Jack
Incantation: The strength of darkness and the strength of light. Combine the flow of life into this arcana I wield, and let me command, the flow. Allow me to seal the flow, and put an end to this. Let me be the channel to that flow.
Ability: Black Jack. The strongest Seal based attack in his arsenal, or possibly in the world. Using his power, he will create a card like item in his hand, that glows with many colors. When this is suspended infront of him, it releases a flow of Arcana, so great that it is rumored that no one has been able to survive it. What it does is, that it makes the flow of Magical Energy within the enemies body break, making them unable to use any spells. This is achieved by placing the card on the enemies body. Once this is done, the enemies flow of energy is sealed, making them unable to use any spells. After two turns, the seal will expand and limit physical movements as well. But the power of the technique is so great, that it can be used only once per battle. It can be used on not just an enemy but on a spell caste by them as well, including summons. It is basically a sealing technique. The card must be properly aimed, as its traveling speed is nothing great, but if it hits, the sealing powers are far to great too be countered. The spell in appearance is like two chains of magical energy raping around the enemies torso. The physical bond is created by the appearance of 4 similar cards on either side of the enemy The convert into 4 great pillars and as they do, the chain the enemy into place. It is possible to avoid this effect by somehow defeating Ryuuzaki before the two turns are over.
Limit: Twice per battle. Will leave Ryuuzaki very tired. After 2nd use, Ryuuzaki will be almost unable to use any spells except ones numbered around 20.
Duration: Once cast, it can last forever, but can be dispelled on Ryuuzaki's wish.
Cooldown: Twice per battle. It can be used in succession, but after the 2nd card, he is almost completely helpless.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuuzaki's Spells   Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:22 pm

you dont have to add way of magic # ???

these are your original spells so their unique to you

otherwise approved
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Ryuuzaki's Spells
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