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 Cool/Epic/Amusing Vids

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PostSubject: Cool/Epic/Amusing Vids   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:49 am

AMV's, Epic Songs, Epic moments I spend a lot of time on youtube and find these, watch them or dont watch them but you make me happy when you do 8D

First one is from the movie Casshern based off an anime keep that in mind >>. I personally am a fan of the music in the background. Some parts of the movie were stupid but the soundtrack is phenomenal.

Final Fantasy+Protectors of Earth = Epic

I only posted this because I found it during a search of "epic scenes" so I watched it and it was interesting to say the least. BTW just stop watching once you reach 2:33.

Ok this is just LMAO because its a spoof off of StarShip Troopers.

ARMY Strong commercial Spoof that was actually well made. No idea what a GAR is though. o-o

I liked this video because I was a fan of the Band of Brothers Series.
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Cool/Epic/Amusing Vids
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