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 A Casual Recess

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Maki Houjo
Class 2 Student

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PostSubject: A Casual Recess   Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:02 pm

"Fortune,Fortune,Fortune!" A red haired red eyed adolescent exclaimed under the canopy of a well secluded tree. He was stationed at a wooden structure known commonly as a bench, before him was an intricate set up of cards, from a distance one might guess he was playing solitare. However the cards that were in such uniform display were not your average deck of cards, pictures of odd symbols and depicted scenarios on the faces of the cards suggested the deck of cards to be tarot cards. Maki had been sitting peacefully in the shade calculating his fortunes for the day, so far so good. A half ox half bird card revealed his social luck for the day, though at that immediate point in time it seemed like that prediction would hardly retain its claim. The area was pretty much quiet and hardly any classes were in session, who knows, perhaps someone would randomly stroll over and engage him in conversation. Maki slid his index finger on the top of his deck and drew two more cards. He placed them on top of a long list of stacks, his fortune was looking up, the snake headed prince of tranquility and the lethargic hare of gratitude proved to be the icing on the cake for his days fortune. Maki began to clean the table of his tarots and assort them back into their respectful deck.


After gathering his cards the fire headed scholar took off from the shaded bench area and went in search of a more social related atmosphere.
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A Casual Recess
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