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 Black Joker's Magic.

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PostSubject: Black Joker's Magic.   Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:31 pm

Name:Vampa Toro della Tassa. (Italian for Fire Bull's Charge)
Incantation: With these flames, I burn everything with fire. With this bull, I destroy the rest with might.
Ability: Summons a massive Bull constructed of flames from the palm, crushing and enflaming everything in it's path.
Limit: It consumes over half of the user's magic power, so there is usually a once per battle limit, and it only charges in an forward direction.
Duration: 3 posts.
Cooldown: One Battle.

Name: Oscurità Riflettere. (Ital. for Dark Reflect)
Incantation: Darkness, heed my call and cast this assault to the depths of oblivion and back!
Ability: A vortex of dark energy forms in front of the user, taking in attacks. Another portal opens in any direction near the opponent, shooting the same attack back at them.
Limit: The portal cannot follow the user or the person around if they dodge and can only take in one blow per summon.
Duration: 1 post.
CD: 3 posts.

Name: Chiamare Drago. (Ital. for Summon Dragon)
Incantation: Oh mighty beasts, rise from ye confinement of man and unleash your wrath once more!
Ability: A dragon forms from whatever element is most abundant in the area, charging at the opponent.
Limit: The dragon will strike depending on the strength of itself, and the opponent. If there was a low amount of water in the area and a water dragon was formed, it would attack if the target was weaker. If the person was stronger, the creature would disperse.
Duration: 4 posts.
CD: 6 posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Black Joker's Magic.   Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:16 pm

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Black Joker's Magic.
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