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 The Pumpkin King

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Jack S.
Class 3 Student

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PostSubject: The Pumpkin King   Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:03 pm

Name: Jack Skellington

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Group: Student

Class: III (3 for those who don't know Roman Numerals)

Appearence: Refer to avatar for basics of facial features, hairstyle/color, eye color, etc.
Jack's physique appears to be in the lacking department, however there's more than meets the eye. At first glance, he's just some slim punk, but underneath the clothing is well-toned, lean muscle. (C-4 comes in small packages, yeah?) With a pale complexion and the near-constant, devilish grin paired with two unusually pointy canine teeth, he bears an incredibly Vampiric visage.
Casual outfit: Normally, his non-uniform appearance consists of a slim-fitting long-sleeve black shirt and a pair of relaxed-fit jeans. The shirt has a hood attached; the material's neither too thick nor too thin, and velvety soft. One the back of the shirt is "F.E.A.R" stitched into the material in white, but in a way made to look like it was spray-painted (With dripping effects and whatnot). It's sleeves are a bit too long, the cuffs go right up to the tips of his fingers instead of his wrists; a hole has been torn into the inner seam of the cuff just wide enough to slip his thumb through, taking away the hindrance of the excessive length. As for the jeans, they are are dark navy with the front and back of the legs are faded. On his left hip is a chain clipped to his front and back pockets.
~Nationality: Japanese
~Tattoo's/Peircings/Accessories: Jack is always wearing the Pumpkin mask covering a portion of the right side of his face, and no matter what it never seems to budge despite the lack of visual attachment.
~Height: 5'6"

Personality: Just by looking at him, it's not hard to guess what he is; a Trickster. Button-pushing (Both literal and figurative), pranks, sarcasm, mischief and more await any who decide to maintain his company; as well as those who don't. The thought of crossing the line has the habit of not crossing his mind for as far as he's aware, there is no such line. If one were to bring it to his attention, he would simply reply "Boundaries exist to be pushed." Jack is crafty and cunning, always looking for the many different uses of any one thing; and always planning on the next move. Despite his antics, he's actually frighteningly insightful and almost always deep in thought. One of his most prided tricks is tricking most into believing he's nothing more than a Trickster.


A blank sheet. A clean slate.

Many people yearn for such a thing, when the inevitable and not so favorable twists and turns of life toss them into the dischords of sorrow and strife. Yet what of those who had no choice in the matter? Would they long to be a page riddled with scribbles and sketches, smudges from erasers to correct mistakes made? None can say when those who have the say can't remember their life past yesterday.

It was a chilly November morning. The streets of the city were bustling with the bum rush to get where one must go, all set under the pure white flakes of an early snow. It was the Holiday season, and most all were quite happy and full of cheer for such a small reason. From a dark alleyway watched a boy with a rosy cheek beneath his lone blue eye, shining bright both envious, timid and meek. Children rode upon the shoulders of their parents, laughing and squealing with glee as this solitary teen watched and wondered "What about me?" The dawning of adolescence had not come paired with a mindset of likened kind. Childish and jealous he observed, and those that were aware of his eye became unnerved. Disheveled, ragged and torn were his clothes, sleepless, hungry and worn were his eyes; looking as deranged as a stray dog. It brought fright and chills to the spines of some, and others felt their blood run cold and numb.

But what could it be, so terrifying about this orphan boy? Perhaps it was the fact that within his palm he wielded a mass amount of raw magic, which he played with as one would a toy. So quickly does envy turn to hate, and on this day it altered this orphan's fate. You see, before he could fulfill even one of Death's writs, before the incantation had crossed his lips; the orphan boy, lost and poor, now lay unconscious upon Winter's white floor.

When he came to, ire and confusion grew. He wasn't dead but instead he lay quite comfortably upon someone else's bed. In the nick of time had an old man, well-versed in magic, arrived upon the scene to prevent something tragic. But he could not strike down the boy nor turn him in to the authorities, instead he had chosen to take the child up and raise him as one of his top priorities. Within this orphan lay dormant a great potential, this the old man knew when he foresaw the devastation that would have been caused, the rain of destruction torrential.

When the boy awoke, head throbbing in pain, the old man quickly spoke; making no waste in his haste to explain. The old man; a man named Jack, told the young male that after his little display earlier that day, there was no turning back. So for three years he educated the young Jack, granting him his own name in the place of the one he did lack, and taught him all that he would need to know; especially the proper way in which to fondle a lady's rack. (Dirty old bastard.)

Upon the eve that marked the end of the third year, for the first in all this time did Jack see his father shed a tear. It was a bittersweet parting, but the old man was at the same time overjoyed when he left Jack at the school; his destiny was just starting.

RP Sample: [include if you want a elite/teacher position]
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Zero Sakazaki
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PostSubject: Re: The Pumpkin King   Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:10 pm

Weird, an Asian that's Japanese with an American name xD


Screw it xD
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The Pumpkin King
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