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 Suiryu Ketsueki

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Suiryu Ketsueki
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PostSubject: Suiryu Ketsueki   Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:11 am

Name: Suiryu Ketsueki

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Group: Teacher

Class: 3

Appearence: Avy

Suiryu is capable of boundless enthusiasm, though in his case often at inappropriate times. Suiryu seems to be genuinely surprised when he is rude or uncouth. Charismatic and manic and with boundless energy, he has capacity for righteous anger, especially when his students are threatened or at risk. When driven by anger or righteousness, he would act without hesitation to strike down those who opposed him. His keen sense of loss leads him to empathize with those who have also suffered. There was an undeniable shadow cast over the jollity of the Suiryu. He had a ruthlessness, bordering on arrogance that was almost eerie to behold. Beneath his youthful veneer, the Suiryu acts as a very old man who has seen many terrible things; and in some matters, his patience and capability for mercy and compassion has worn out or diminished. Suiryu has a very hard time accepting defeat or failure. He frequently gets into trouble because of his vast and loose sense of superiority and provides his name as a threat, which only rarely works, despite his apparent expectations. Suiryu frequently ignores reproach; when companions point out he's committing horrible acts, he ignores them or changes the subject. Suiryu is willing to go to extreme lengths to keep things from being disrupted and/or protect innocent people, even to the point of having to cause deaths. He chooses often to give his enemies a chance to surrender without suffering any harm.

Habits and Quirks: (I know it's not on the template)
1. Suiryu makes frequent pop culture references
2. He tends to annoy or abuse people he know's relationships
3. He tends to apologise saying "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" when he see's someone having problems
4. While attempting to explain something he'll often interrupt himself with a "Well..." and further elaborate what it was he was talking about
5. He often remarks that exotic technology or life is "beautiful" and is genuinely enthralled by such discoveries, sometimes to the extent that he places himself or his companions in danger
6. When Suiryu is faced with an occurrence that dumbfounds him he says, "What?" repeatedly, increasing the confused expression on his face each time
7. Another favoured phrase is "Allons-y!". He also often responds "I'm always all right" even when all evidence points to the contrary
8. He has also been known to often refer to things as "brilliant"
9. Suiryu has a stated fondness for "little shops", the gift stores usually found in hospitals and other public places.
10. Suiryu also had the small quirk of intending to go to one destination, but walking in the opposite direction
11. Suiryu is constantly seen holding a beverage of some type

Suiryu was the third oldest of the seven ketsueki brothers but he had always been the smartest. even when Tsukiryu his eldest brother had returned from college Suiryus general knowledge was still greater than Tsukiryus. Although Suiryu was the most intelligent brother, he lacked phyical strength Tsukiryu, Kageryu, Kajiryu and Rairyu were so enegetic all the time. Meanwhile as they were having fun playing with eachother Suiryu sat in his room reading. Suiryu, Getsuryu and Kazeryu were the more quiet ones, as Suiryu studied Getsuryu would just watch solve meaningless puzzles and Kazeryu would read fictional books, Kazeryu always asked Suiryu to join him reading but he always turned him down and said "Reading those books is pointless you should start studying like me."

After Suiryu finished school he went to college, and because of his high intelligence he was often asked to tutor the more remdial students, he seemed to find his calling in teaching others and decided to persue a career in education and got his degrre he then found a school with an open teaching position called Kiahou high school where he would live his life teaching.

RP Sample: In case you couldn't tell, this is Kage from BO using my char Suiryu. So you guys should know how I post
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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Suiryu Ketsueki   Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:43 pm


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Suiryu Ketsueki
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