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 Wiess [finished]

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PostSubject: Wiess [finished]   Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:01 pm




Group: Night Class

Class: Ex-class 5 student

Silver hair, gray eyes, wears a dark purple jacket, that almost seems to be a shade of black, a crimson vest underneath, and a silver shirt under the vest.

~Nationality:English (not American, English. yes, there is a difference)
~Tattoo's/Piercings: an intricate tattoo that seems like celtic weaving of the symbol for infinity on his upper back
~Height: 5' 11"

Personality: Wiess comes off and a normally relaxed person, taking the easiest solution possible to get out of any situation. Even though he is normally calm, at times he can be quick to anger. Due to what his father had done for him, he tends to make risky, if not stupidly dangerous decisions. As a way to entertain himself, Wiess has developed a spell that lets him change aspects of his appearance. Letting him change his clothes and the color and style of his hair.

Wiess grew up in what some would say a troubled home. His father, Axon, was a good-willed and brilliant geneticist. While his mother died when he was only 7 from a fatal genetic disease that she passed on to him at birth. His father was hit hardest by the news when he realized that he had lost his wife, and would lose his soon if nothing was done. Reluctantly, he sent Wiess off to a boarding school for several years. While there, Wiess tried to live as normal a life as he could without having any contact with his father.
While his son was away, Axon worked for several years to cure his son and save him from his preordained fate. He did tried everything he could think of to remove the problem from Wiess' genes, but everything he came up with either killed his son in the process, or left him with some other defect that would kill him even faster. Once again feeling defeated, Axon walked home from his lab in the rain, stopping on a street corner when an odd sign for a which doctor caught his attention. Wondering why he hadn't noticed it before, he turned to desperation and decided that if science wouldn't save his son, the occult may be his last chance.
After many long nights talking with what he referred to as the voodoo man, Axon found what he saw as the only way to save his son. After a little over 4 years, he finally contacted his son, informing him to come home for his 13th birthday. When Wiess received the letter, he was unsure whether to be happy to see his father again, or angry that in all this time he only got one letter from his father telling him nothing more than to come home. Making up his mind, he decided to celebrate his birthday with his father.
When he returned home, Wiess and his father had a long conversation, stretching on into the early hours of the morning. He was told of his mother's death, his father's research, and his own eventual demise. No matter how much we wanted to reveal it, his father kept the fact that he found a way to keep his son alive. Deciding it was late enough as it is, they decided to go to sleep and celebrate the next day.
When he had finally awoken, Wiess headed down stairs to find his father had made the living room look nearly like it was christmas with all of the gifts he had brought explaining it as "Making up for 5 years of no presents." After about an hour of opening 5 years worth of gifts, he sat down next to his father and thanked him for everything. But instead of saying you're welcome, his father turned to him and said "There's still one thing I have left. A way to save your life." Overjoyed, Wiess reached over and hugged his father, who only whispered "I'm sorry." And before he could even ask, Wiess felt a sharp pain in his back, as if 10 large needles had been pushed into his back and caused his to black out from the pain.
Waking up several hours later, Wiess was sitting on the couch alone, surrounded by his gifts, and his father's clothes next to him. Looking around the house, he only found a note in his father's room, explaining that the which doctor told him of a magic that allowed him to give his life, to save Wiess. Filled with sorrow, Wiess went to see the man, and learned that his father gave his life to implant a powerful spell into his body. A spell that protected his body from disease and continuously rejuvenated his body.
After spending several months with the doctor, Wiess learned the basics of magic. Completely engrossed in the world or magic, he decided to further his so called studies. Reading on of the doctor's books, he learned of a school of magic, and sent out to learn all he could there.
Once he reached the school, he enrolled and immediately began his studies. After 2 years, he meet a group of people who called themselves the night class. Figuring he learned enough as an actual student, he dropped out and quickly made "friends" with the night class.
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PostSubject: Re: Wiess [finished]   Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:02 pm

finished and ready to be looked over by a mod/admin
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Daryga Takanashi
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PostSubject: Re: Wiess [finished]   Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wiess [finished]   

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Wiess [finished]
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