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 Moving in, A home FINALLY

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PostSubject: Moving in, A home FINALLY   Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:37 am

A very beautiful day indeed, the sun wasshining, not a cloud in the sky. Birds were singing, and little kids were running around, playing. A girl, looking about the age of fifteen or sixteen was walking, with a suitcase in her hand, most likely moving in somewhere for the first time.

Talia Minako, yes that was who it was, you could tell bythe clothes she was wearing. They wernt very different from most kids like her, but just th way she walked, shown it was her. A red skirt and a white tank top, with an unesscesary jacket over top of the tanktop. Black and white stockings and a pair of black dress shoes on her feet. Lovely she was, Blonde hair, going down to her shoulders, but currently pulled back into a ponytail with bright blue eyes, not a blemish on her skin. She defined Hitlers requirements forthe perfect person.. except she wasnt german she was british.

The girl was heading towards dorm six, on the Kiahou school grounds, it was her first year her, and her first time living anywhere in a long time. For the past few years, she struggled to make it by, living on streets, and in sewers, begging for food, or fighting for it. It all helped with the image she built for herself. Talia seemed happy enough though, a soft bed, with a shower, now that was the perfect setting for her anyday. No one could understand how much she longed for the simplicities they got in
everyday life, just not her.

Finally, she made it to the dor of dorm six, not too shabby, no one seemed to be moved in yet, that meant she would have first pick of where to stay, her grin grew big on her face as she reached in her jacket pocket for the key into the dorm, as she pulled it out, she unlocked the door, and walked in, dropping her suitcase with her few belongings. It was mostly empty, but she could work with that later, get a job and decorate, but for the time being she would have to pick out where she would sleep. She found herself drawn to the farthest away room, meaning that no one would be to walk by her when they came in, just how she liked it, she walked to the last door towards the end of the building, opened it up, put her suitcase in, and shut the door. She was going to enjoy herself before anyone else came in, by looking around the other rooms, seeing how they were set up.

Of course, they all looked the same, but oh well, she was bored, and she wanted to wait around and see if anyone else would show up before she actually decided to take a shower and go out, going out seemed nice, and plus she had a feeling boredom would strike her tonight, oh well, bring on the boredom later. She found herself back at the front of the building after about ten minutes, looking at the front door, wondering if anyone was comming. she sighed and sat on her floor, pulling her knees up to her chest, boredom was alrady taking its toll on her.

It was getting really bad, and her cell phone began to ring, who could it be? It was some kid from a different class, wanting to know if she wanted to do something, she sighed and stood from here she was sitting and walked to the door, se was going to have fun one way of another....
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Moving in, A home FINALLY
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