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 Air Gear!!!

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PostSubject: Air Gear!!!   Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:29 pm

Name: Eight Roads
Link: Click Here
Info: Eight Roads is a growing Role-play based on the hit Anime and Manga series, Air Gear. Members will be able to freely create their own custom character, and raise them through the ranks of being a Storm Ride, and racing competitively against each other. The site itself has just recovered from a dead period, but is picking up its pace very quickly. By joining, member are ensuring that they will be able to free when it comes to character customization and development, under a loose set of rules guided by common sense.

Story/ Plot Info: Beginning in the year 2000, a revolutionary invention took the world by storm. A conglomerate known only as Fly High Incorporated, commonly abbreviated as FHI, released their latest creation, the Air Trek. Similar to rollerblades in many aspects, there upgraded versions allowed user to traverse farther distances and climb higher altitudes with less effort and time. Soon after their creation, a committee assembled revolving around the formation of an AT League, the sole purpose of which would be to sanction legal tournaments and battles between various teams. The teams would consist of between two to five people, with any number of proxy personnel, all of whom wore the ingenious devices and used them to compete and further their ranks.

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Air Gear!!!
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