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 Hikari Kiku!

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PostSubject: Hikari Kiku!   Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:29 pm

    Name: Hikari Kiku. [光菊]

    Age: Seventeen.

    Gender: Female.

    Group: Student.

    Class: Nine.

    Appearence: Kiku.
    Nationality: Japanese.
    Tattoo's/Peircings: Tongue peirced.
    Height: 5'4"

    Personality: Inside, Kiku is one of those intelligent but bold characters. Being strong and a little tempermental but her attitude towards many is more than welcoming; of course she can be very cold as well when pushed to her limit. It is typical of her to hide her true feelings by acting though, and not afraid of anything as it shows in the way she can manage the coldest of stares. For Kiku to lose her temper, it can take a lot. She's a level headed individual and rarely finds quarrel with anyone. Kiku thinks highly of those who are trusting and intelligent like herself. On a day-to-day basis, her moods vary, which is why at times Kiku is ticking like a time bomb, one moment she'll be happy to speak to you the next she is walking off in silence. If you push her buttons just enough you'll encounter a bitch. Oh no, maybe not a bitch. A fucking monster to be correct, she'll take the biggest fit possible, complete with whining, screaming, and lashing out. Like stated before, it takes quite a lot for her to lose her temper. She's an independent woman! Help is never asked from this female, she strives to do things on her own to prove to herself that she's capable; but she's more then happy to lend a hand to others. Kiku is slow to open her heart to anyone. If she believes she had sound someone special, she will hide it, much like a typical girl her age would do. Often she will try to humiliate or discomfort the persons she likes. Force of habit, nothing out of her nature there. Her heart is weak and tainted, and when she does find out that her feelings are shared, it does nothing more than to protect itself. I suppose you could say she's not exactly your average typical highschool girl, no?

    History: Seventeen years ago this girl was brought into the world. Due to some complications at birth her Mother didn't live to see the morning. It was tragic. At the age she was she could barely understand. With her Father previously leaving them during the pregnancy her only hopes would be with her Aunt. Raised in a peaceful enviroment, one where many people had any worries to worry about. Kiku's Aunt tried profusely to make her a perfect-lady. Although her efforts didn't work, this girl didn't seem to mind. She was outrageous in her actions and her words, giving her Aunt, a highly respectable member in the community, bustles of embarrassment. She was the respected neice of her Aunt, who of course she looked as more of a Mother than a Aunt. It was rough entering school, as your Aunt was a miraculous doctor at one point, everyone expected her to be some kind of prodegy child.

    Unfortunately Kiku never became that child; she became something much better. Everyone doubted her intelligence for the simple reason that she was different. This girl wasn't given much credit for what she was capable of. During the time she sat in her room all alone she had taken it upon herself to learn something. Growing up, Kiku was marked as the "Odd Girl" in the school which she attented to continue her studies. Looking on the bright side of things; she valued her life greatly and all the opportunities she had gotten, too. At the age of fifthteen, her body in the peak of it's development and curves, much more attention was given to her by the oppisite sex.

    It became difficult to keep attending school. Issue after issue, Kiku soon started to take weeks off school. From there her grades dramatically decreased. Confronting her Aunt with this problem, she meerly ignored her – busy with business as usual. It did eventually concern her; she couldn't find any other way to solve it other than to ship Kiku away. Since she was still young and never once left home, she found it a challenge on how she was going to cope. It was a tough living in a place she was unfamiliar with. But with determination she finally decided to move to Kiahou.

    RP Sample: ---
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PostSubject: Re: Hikari Kiku!   Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:47 pm

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Hikari Kiku!
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