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 [Class 3] Gurido, Zeran -WIP-

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PostSubject: [Class 3] Gurido, Zeran -WIP-   Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:13 pm

Name: Zeran Gurido

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Group: Student

Class: Class 3

Ignore the shoulder guard.
~Build: Agile, fast, lean, yet well-muscled.
~Casual Wear: Zeran often wears a white short-sleeved vest over a black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers. He may also wear a black band over his forehead or black wristbands/gloves. Various clothes may replace the norm for various occasions.
~Nationality: American (Arabian/Japanese)
~Tattoo's/Piercings: N/A
~Birthmark(s): That mark on his forehead.
~Height: 5’10”

Personality: Very calm and collected, not to mention lazy, Zeran is in fact much smarter than he would appear (Child prodigy smart). He is seen showing varying arrays of emotions, though he tends to do so only when surrounded by those he calls his friends. This can be untrue, because if something is funny or annoying enough, he will mostly likely show the most appropriate emotion for the stimulus. He is also known to be a little sarcastic, allowing his humor to come out in unexpected ways. Though he seems lazy, and is, Zeran has a lust for knowledge that often gets overwhelmed by his laziness, often making him fall asleep in class if he has already learned of the subject. Zeran isn’t interested much in exercise, but he does enough to keep himself fit. He is known to help those who ask for his help in class, but he often expects payment in return (usually money or favors).
Hobbies include the guitar, listening to music, sparring (with/without weapons), television (Mostly comedy), gaming (handhelds w/ headphones mostly) and sleeping.
He likes to be around water, though he is somehow disturbed by rain and tends not to stand long in it.
In a fight or spar, Zeran tends to move on instinct, though he is able to think calmly and collectively in the heat of battle, quickly being able to figure out a plan to fit the situation.
Zeran tends to release his arcane energy in alternating intervals of ten percent, allowing him to gauge an opponent’s strength and be able to see how he can fare against his opponent(s). Needless to say, this can get him into a pickle due to underestimation.

History: ((GAH!!! Writer’s Block!!!!))

RP Sample: ((An rp sample from when I first joined Bleach Soulwarriors…Use only when needed...))
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[Class 3] Gurido, Zeran -WIP-
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