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 what keeps me alive

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PostSubject: what keeps me alive   Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:35 am

Name: Eternal Rejuvenation
Incantation: n/a
Ability: The person who this spell if cast on will be blessed with ever lasting powers of rejuvenation at the cost of the caster's life.
Limit:Rejuvenation does not equal immortality. The person can be killed several ways. First by removing the head from the body for more than 3 minutes. Both the head and the body will still be "alive" during this time, but neither can actually move, requiring help to join together if this happens. The second way is to deliver a fatal wound to both the brain and the heart within 10 seconds of each other. And the final way is to remove the tattoo that is imprinted on the person. While this will not kill the person, it will remove the spell from them. This spell takes time to heal things, and it won't even activate for small injuries.

scratches/bruises- will not activate effect
small cuts- 1 post
large cuts- 2-posts
1st degree burn- will not activate effect
2nd " " - 2 posts
3rd " " - 5 posts
4th " " - 1 day (real time)
limb removal- depending on limb 5-10 posts
fatal wounds- will appear dead for 3 posts, after that time the wounds will have healed enough for Wiess to regain consciousness, but the wounds will not fully heal until 10 posts after they are inflicted
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PostSubject: Re: what keeps me alive   Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:23 am

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what keeps me alive
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