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 Amaya------One half of the girl of the rain

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PostSubject: Amaya------One half of the girl of the rain   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:32 pm

Name: Amaya Kayo

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Female

Group: Student

Class: 1


~Nationality: Japanese - French


-She has a blue and purple butterfly tatoo on her right shoulder, it looks as if its flying away. Her right side of her lip is pierced, opposite to her sister.

~Height: 5'6"


Amaya's rather cheery, but has a tendency to get moody. She is kind of sarcastic at times but not naturally harsh. She's somewhat clumsy, and is embarrassed when people realise this fact. She can be typically found reading Manga, which is her obsession. She's a bit of a book worm, and knows some things about random events, she has a habit of blurting them out. She may be a bit of a book worm but she's not shy at all, she can pick a fight if your not careful around her. She doesn't mind nicknames or pet names, and has a habit of making them up herself. She falls asleep during class sometimes, out of boreom or from staying up late reading manga no one knows. She's the type of girl to not give up easily, and give you a peice of her mind if you piss her off. Amaya truely loves her sister Kasumi, and would die if something happened to her.


Amaya, born on a cool spring evening, rain pouring down the roof of her families cabin in a small village, two cries are suddenly heard....twins...

She was named for that night, her name meaning "Night Rain" signafied the beginning of a new chapter in Gods book of Beginnings. She was her twin sister sat upon the lawn the next morning, the rain sticking to the leaves tossing around the illusion of millions of tiny rainbows. Amaya giggled and held her sisters hand, showing her a dandilion...

Ten years later they were grown, standing slightly shorter then they're parents the girls were still inseperatable, always holding hands, and talking in their own language, of which noone else could understand. They stood on the lawn together, standing in the morning dew and smiling peacefully. They both put out their hands, Amaya right, Kasumi left, rains drops fell from their palms and they giggled together.

The next day they awakened to an empty house, they had been abandoned. The girls looked at each other.

But neither cried...

...instead they smiled, putting they're foreheads together. They would survive. They would thrive, like the evenings rain, and like the mornings mist.

Years past and they evenutally left the village, ending up in a large city. Lost and scared they found a school for children like them, one for those with magical capibilities. They looked at each other and smiled, putting there forheads together like thay did so long ago.

They were home.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaya------One half of the girl of the rain   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:06 pm

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Amaya------One half of the girl of the rain
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