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 Kamoku Mikoto

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Kamoku Mikoto


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PostSubject: Kamoku Mikoto   Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:59 am

Name: Kamoku Mikoto

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

Group: Student

Class: Two

Appearance: White hair and blue eyes, slim and frail figure.
~Nationality: Japaneese - Amarican
~Tattoo's/Peircings: Tattoo of a butterfly on his left shoulder, toung peircing.
~Height: 4'11"

Personality: Kamoku is timid and shy, he usually keeps to himself, avoiding socialism. He can't stand up for himself and is a prime target for thugs/bullies, talking with people usually frightens him. If someone he cares about is in danger he will protect that person at all costs, Kamoku is a bookworm, he loves library's, not only because of it's steady supply of reading material, but because of it's silence. Kamoku is very optimistic, always trying to see the good side of things, when he isn't frightened of people he is usually very friendly. Kamoku is sometimes lazy, not wanting to get out of bed. Although most of the time he is a hard worker, Kamoku likes taking walks occasionally through forest's and other peaceful areas. Kamoku is selfless and will sacrafice if he must, his will cannot be breaked easily, he has confidence in himself. Kamoku hates to fight, partly he has barely any skills in fighting, Kamoku loves to eat chicken, rice, and sweets. When it comes to romance don't even think about Kamoku, he is a nervous wreck when it comes to romance. Kamoku doesn't beleive in good and evil, rather people who wish to do good, and people who wish to do evil.

History: Kamoku's mother died of birth complications, though the hospital safely extracted Kamoku and another child. Kamoku and the other child wher given to Komaku's aunt, since his father wasn't fit to raise two children. Kamoku's aunt was wealthy, and treated the two children well, almost like royalty. Kamoku and his brother was raised seemingly as royalty from then on, as soon as they could they wher brought into school. Kamoku didn't get along with any of the other kids, but his brother did. as the two brothers grew up togethor a pattern started to form, Kamoku's brother seemed the better sibling, this made Kamoku jealous. And any attempt to tell his aunt would only make his aunt scold him, he didn't know what to do, his brother had all the friends, his brother was on the baseball team, his brother was a violinist, his brother had already started working. Kamoku was frogotten it had seemed, his brother never talked to him, and his aunt didn't seem to care what he did. Kamoku didn't know what to do, he was scared, afraid of losing his family. He tryed everything to become something, and make his family proud, but all attempts failed. Kamoku finally gave up, he trapped himself in a stage of complete silence, not saying one word for nearly three years. The two brothers progressed through school, moving their way up slowly. Komaku had no friends, he was the kid noone talked too, this kind of lonliness nearly drived Kamoku mad, his aunt realised this, and asked him if he wanted to be sent to a different town. These words shocked Kamoku, his aunt realised his torment, and wanted to end it, do you want to move to a different school? A different life? She said, of course Kamoku agreed to his aunts offer.

Kamoku was transfered to Kaihou, his aunt gave him a monthly check to live off of, it seemed pathetic, but if Kamoku wasn't transfered.....Things would have gone terribly wrong. Kamoku enjoyed the new school, so many interesting people, but when he found out their was magic in the school, he flipped out. Of course, it was a normal reaction, but soon enough he came to accept it, he still enjoyed the school, without his brother their to steal everything from him, life was good. Everything started to become familiar with him, all of the local shops and services became etched in Kamoku's mind, he knew all of the students at the school, not personally. But he knew them nevertheless, it was a peaceful life, it seemed it was a normal town just like any other, only with the addition of magic, which was odd. Kamoku knew the town well, even though he had only been their a month it had felt like a eternity. Of course their wher problems just like any other modern town, their wher good days and bad days, and horrible days. Their was sunny days and rainy days, but he couldn't complain, it was a fresh start at life. Another shot at it. A new clean slate. A New Life, Why Not Make The Best Of It?

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PostSubject: Re: Kamoku Mikoto   Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:51 pm



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Kamoku Mikoto
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