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 Aoki Jouten

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Aoki Jouten
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PostSubject: Aoki Jouten   Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:20 pm

Name: Aoki Jouten

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Rogue, Student or Taikia: Teacher/Elite

Class: Class Seven

~Nationality: American[With Native American Descendants]
~Tattoo's/Peircings: The only thing that really stands out is a tattoo on the right side of his neck. The tattoo is the Number seven. He got the tattoo after he became the teacher of Class Seven.
~Height: 6'2

Aoki, Is very charming. His voice is very calm, cool, and collective. Some say he has a voice like an angel. Yet, he doesn't believe it. His loyalty knows no boundaries. He is always respectful to those who show him respect. He is very cold while on duty. Rarely showing any emotion at all. When he is not on duty is very cut back and relax. Always have a good time and flirting with the ladies. Even when on duty he might let his flirtatious side come out. He usually plays around with most of the Teacher/Elites.

Aoki was born in a Flordia Hospital on Feb. 17. He grew up living a fairly normal life. He was great in Soccer, and got all A's in school. He was top of his class, and had a soccer career ahead of him. Yet, his mother and fahter forgot to tell him one big thing. They could use magic. In Aoki's senior year he began to learn Magic from his parents. Yet, just like everything else he did. He was excellent in it. When, he graduated from Highschool. He had almost all his College Credits done. He only had to attend one year of college to graduate. When, he came back home. His parents had a favor go tot eh high person over at Kiahou School. He was one of the few accepted at his age. Aoki went tothe school, and was only there a couple of months before they made him the Teacher of Class Seven. Aoki was very pleased with this, and went to get a tattoo of the number seven on his neck. He soon came back to the school and began to teach. Aoki is only known for his fast graduation of the school. Aoki is the only person to graduate within a couple of months after entering. He is belived to be one of the most gifted Magic users there. Yet, that is only a rumor.

RP Sample:

A huge Senkai gate opened behind everyone. The bright white light covered the person who was standing in the gateway with a shadow. Haku's Spiritual Energy was at a level of a Normal Shinigami officer. Yet, he couldn't change how his Spiritual Energy felt. Anyone who had meant him before would easily see it was him. He looked around with the Shadows covering his whole body. He saw a lot of faces he remembered easily. He saw Zeikke, Kush, Izanagi, and Sunari. The ones he liked the most. He saw that Zeikke was relaxing under a tree, and he didn't know if he was coming in at a Wrong time. Haku had been gone a very long time. Maybe, some of them thought he was dead like Ichi though when he first saw him again. He stepped out of the Senkai gate, and it closed behind him as it did the darkness faded and disappeared. Haku was wearing a Shinigami Uniform. He had his hands in his pockets, and Kuroroze was on his back with the hilt sticking out over his left shoulder.

"I hope i'm not coming in at a wrong time. It is nice to see all of you again. Zeikke, Kush, Izanagi, and Sunari i'm glad yall are still here. I didn't know what i was going to come back too. Hopefully, i haven't lost yalls trust. I'm back because i need to speak with you, Zeikke. I have somethings in the Soul Society that has be taking away my time to come see yall again. Dang, i almost forgot. To all who don't know me. I'm Hakushin Kuchiki, Former Kidou Corps Captain. Nice to meet you all."

Haku looked totally different from the last time everyone saw him. His once bright red hair had turned to sivler. His bright blue eyes were silver as well. Once, he finished talking. He took off the Shinigami Uniform, and paced it in a bag on his back. He returned Kurorze to his Right hip, and Slide his hands into his pockets. He wasn't wearing a shirt which showed off his more Muscular, then the last time everyone saw him. His pants were Desert style leather pants with light weight battle boots. His hair was tied back into a pony tail, and his new tattoo was clearing seen on his neck. The once large tattoo on his back was gone, and replaced with a smaller tattoo on the right side of his neck at the base of it. It was of the Kidou Corps captain symbol. Kuroroze was also changed in look fromthe last time seen by every. Kuroroze was now all black with no red or white on it. The blade was much longer now, and it had a one red ruby in the hilt it was the only color on the beautiful sword. He waited to see what everyone would say to him. Would they hate him, or would they acccept them again? He didn't know what to think.
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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Aoki Jouten   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:31 am

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Aoki Jouten
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