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 Kaiyo Saiyouko

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PostSubject: Kaiyo Saiyouko   Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:43 am

Name: Kaiyo (answers to Kai)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Rogue, Student or Taikia: student

Class: erm...6

~Nationality: English
~Tattoo's/Peircings: none
~Height: 5"

Personality: Kaiyo is the one of the cutest and nicest anarchit's anyone could hope to meet. The small girl is pleasant and friendly to most people, but Kaiyo's moral code often gets her into arguments and fights with others. The girl also has a short attention span, Kaiyo is by no means stupid, but she finds it hard to concerntrate on boring things. Kaiyo does have a fairly short temper, and a habit of arguing back a lot but its nearly always seen with a smile on her excitable face.

History: Kaiyo's family consisted of Kaiyo, her older sister and her mother and father. Kaiyo's father was a lawyer for a large fim and was usually away on business, the girl's mother was a policewoman, and installed a firm sense of right and wrong in the girl. Kaiyo's older sister Saroki used to attend the same school as the girl, before kaiyo was expelled for fighting with other students. Despite the blonde girl's arguments and protests about not ever starting the fights she was expelled. With both parents working most of the day Kaiyo was left at home with a personal tutor, a wench of a woman who was constantly rude to small girl and set her copious amounts of work. Kaiyo's sister, Saroki, was 4 years older than her and was a smart girl who excelled in every academic subject possible.

Despite her current academic situation Kaiyo had many friends, and often went to stay over at friends houses for periods of time. One specific night kaiyo had gone to a large party with a ground of friends and told her parent she would be staying at a friends house, the blonde girl politely offered to walk her friend home at an early hour in the morning. Kaiyo had to get a bus early next morning to go to her martial arts class, but she refused to let the girl walk home alone so Kaiyo said she would walk her to her house then return to the party. The street lamps flickered slightly as the two girl's walked quickly across the park. A group of men with leery grins across their faces strolled up to the two girs. Kaiyo stopped dead in her tracks as one of the men announced they were going to mug the two girls, and possibly worse. Kaiyo's face dropped as another man grabbed her friend, screaming and kicking desperately the girl's cries erupted through the dark sky. Kaiyo didn't bother waiting too long to act; five men in total. Kaiyo swept her legs under one man and managed to take out the other guy holding tightly onto her friend; along with one other man. The last two guys seemed quite angry at the current situation, one of them stepped forwards and began punching the small girl repeatedly in her face and stomach. Kaiyo stumbled backwards as the last two men neared closer to the two girls. Kaiyo stood valiantly in front of her friend, taking a few more beatings before falling to the ground. Kaiyo could feel her body starting to shake as the burly men stepped over her to her friend. Eventually Kaiyo's friend tried to run away, the tller of the men grabbed her wrist and slapped her across the face. Kaiyo's eyes widenned in anger, as the small girl got back up to her feet.

The rest of the evening blurred to Kaiyo, all she knew was that her friend was safe and that she had blacked out. Kaiyo told her parents of the events and they, and after a large lecture from her mother about walking around in the middle of the night, searched high and low to find a suitable school for the girl. Sending her off immediately to Kiahou School.

RP Sample:
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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Kaiyo Saiyouko   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:40 am

Approved ^__^

welcome to my class xP
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Kaiyo Saiyouko
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