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 Hiruma Youichi

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Class 3 Student

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PostSubject: Hiruma Youichi   Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:21 pm

Name:Hiruma Youichi



Group: Student

Class: 3rd


Personality:Hiruma usually acts in a vulgar, bizarre, threatening manner so as to intimidate or disturb those around him into getting what he wants. He has a cunning, goal-oriented mind and does not seem to care what means he uses to accomplish those goals. His sense of morals is lax at best, but he is quick to find the moral flaws of others, which he keeps recorded in his "Book of Threats" or "Devil's Handbook", and uses this information to blackmail everyone from students to figures of authority into placing him in a position of power.Besides blackmail, Hiruma can often intimidate others into taking the action he wants by waving around his vast arsenal of firearms. Even without having to take direct action, Hiruma's mere reputation is enough in some instances to make the majority of the student body fear him and bow to his authority.


Hiruma was born 17 years ago into a rich family . He didn't have the best childhood . His father beat him and abused him . His mother never found out . Once he turned 5 his father began to beat him harder and harder until he was unconcious . He was taken into a hospital with iternal bleedings . After that his mother found out and dumped the man . Hiruma was truly happoy at that time . He lived alone with his mother until he turned 12 . He felt like he had to leave and moved to his friends place . Thats when he found out the school of magics . He instantly got interested .

A few years passed and Hiruma was one of the most popular people in the school . Everyone liked him for his cunning looks and uncompareable intelligence . Some people started to fear him because of his violent ways . But he didn't care , he only gained benefit from it . He became also very skilled in Magic .

RP Sample: [include if you want a elite/teacher position]

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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Hiruma Youichi   Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:32 pm

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Hiruma Youichi
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