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 Rebecca Seitz

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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Rebecca Seitz   Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:51 am

Name: Rebecca Seitz

Age: 17

Gender: female

Rogue, Student, Teacher or Nightclass: Teacher/Elite

Class: 6

~Nationality: Ukrainian, German, [Canadian]
~Tattoo's/Peircings: Ears are peirced and a birth mark is on the inner calf of her right leg
Height: 5'3
Rebecca stands at 5''3. Her shortness doesnt bother her much however. She is rather flexible which comes in handy. Rebecca has a birthmark that looks like a tattoo on the inside of her right calf. the birth mark looks like kanji *click spoiler*
*just look at avvie if you dont want to read* Razz

Head: Her hair is a few inches past shoulder length. Her hair is mostely blonde but underneth is dyed a chocolate brown color. Weved into the strands of her blonde hair are highlights throughout the locks. Strands through out some of her hair are dyed red and chocolate brown that interwine with the blonde strands, giving it a nice color vairiation that isnt to over the top. Her hair has many layers in it with some peices flipping towards her face, framing it while other parts or her hair flip away from her head. Angled bangs that go to her right side of her head frame her face as well. Her face has a rounded shape to it, meaning she has little angles on her face along with full cheekbones. She has peachy pink lips that are glossy to the lipgloss she applys to it. Her eyes are a green color that seem a bit blue at times. She wears shades of sparkly brown eyeshadow upon her eyelids to complement them without going over the top. Her skin is fair however she seems to tan easily. She has a more rosey hue to her skin as well.

Upperbody: Rebecca seems to wear clothes that reveal her upper body more then her lower body. She has a full chest to her which she wears deep v-neck shirts to complement her full chest. She has a nice curve to her body as well. Her fingers on her hands are a bit shorter then others, and the index finger upon her left hand is severely scarred. Rebecca also has a birthmark that looks like a scar on her chest, right above her heart. She also holds a few beauty marks on her body, one being on her left side placed by her colar bone. A few more are placed onn her right side of her stomach. Another beauty spot is placed above her left thigh, the spot is usually covered by her underwear. the skin on her arms seem to be a bit rougher then the rest of her body. On the back of her shoulder blades are a few small birth marks. Rebecca has no freckles on her upper body as well.

Lowerbody: Rebecca has more shorter legs which is why she isnt that tall, she was always told she would get taller but it just never happened. She has a curvy ass to her so she becoomes self concious if shes called bubble butt or something of the sort. Rebecca is kind of self concious of her body. Even though she has short legs she is quite fast and is good in many sports. She has smooth skin on her legs and thighs as well.

Personality: Rebecca is a master of disguises and personality changes Rebecca can change her personality to avoid suspitions on certain occasions. She can act like a classly lady one moment, then a flirtatious prostitute the next. However her regular way she acts is only seen by other friends that are close to her
silly and bubbly- thats two ways to put it, she is fun, bouncy, random and sweet, however she is loyal to her superior but she is short tempered and gets angered easily. some times she acts like she doesnt care. when meeting new people she is a bit shy, but when you get to know her she acts cheerfull, silly, and a bit flirtatous...we quite a bit flirtatous, however sometimes she just jokes around with other guys and she knows they know.

She also get attched to almost anyone. she may try to act silly just to make others laugh, since she can never stand to see people mad or sad. She is rather clumsy as well but it seems as if in serious times she doesnt fall as easily
she is a sucker for love, She will fall for a man who is nice to her and apreiciates her.
she is rather emotional, and can cry easily, her emotional self gets hurt easily. she has brains to asses situations, but she can find almost anything shes looking for if its lost. She also has a photographic memory, which can come in handy at times. When she is angered she tends to loose control of herself and craves to fight. She bottles up her feeling inside, and they end up pouring out in some emotional battles.

History: born in a small town hospital on october 6. She was said to be a quiet baby, to quiet to be honest.
she lived with her mother and father till preschool, until one night the two got into a fight as Rebecca and her brother played a board game infront of them, the two .parents yelled at eachother and swore hatred at eachother, yet insted of doing something the two children knew to act like nothing happened even though they were hurting inside. her parents stayed together until she was in preschool. she wanted to stay around the area
but after her parents split up she moved around with her mother throughout her life, first is was a nearby town, one still close to the farm. She attended a new school, made new friends, and lived in a new house
Rebecca had always loved to make friends and meet new people, although at times she bacame shy but in time that would go away and shed be more silly around them. She never did have friends for that long, due to the fact that she hadto move around constently and she never kept the friends long enough. But she knew in time they would forget about her. Learning to become relient only to herself when she was in grade four she seemed distent from her family, only finding true welcoming at her grandparents farm. after moving away with her mother again,, who had a alcohol problem she was taken away from her mother by the police yet again. being sent 7 hours away to live with her father, she was now 14.
her father was always a funny guy, but short tempered, she dirived her personality from her father, only looks she inherited from her mother, closely resembling her. If you hld a picture of her bedside a picture of her mother at the same age you wouldnt be able to tell them apart. He father had remarried and had a new kid,, but seemed to pay more attention to them, and seemed to shut her out, Rebecca was always interested in swords and many other things, although others disaproved of her interests and she seemed to be alone. she should have died years before, like when she was caught in the middle of a blizzard and her the car broke down, she almost commited suicide after beong a loner from school as well, two months later she moved away from her fathers, being kicked out cuz her room was being given to her fathers new child,
at age 15 rebecca was shipped to the town of Kiahou to attend a achademy there, she felt as if she knew the place or had been there many times before, shes the new girl that is quite talented at Magic. Rebecca lives in a small but nice apartment that her parents picked out for her. She has everything she needs there and if she ever needs any money her father wires her money from across the other side of the world to her. She then enrolled in Kiahou school in class 6, later on after 2 years of attending the school she was appointed the class elite of class 6, being the youngest teacher at age 17

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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca Seitz   Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:53 pm

Very well... With all said and done. Approved
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Rebecca Seitz
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