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 --- Hierarchy ---

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PostSubject: --- Hierarchy ---   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:49 pm


The 9 Elites, that act as the School Heads. A council if you must. Any great decision must be approved by at least 5 of the 9 before it is passed.
They are known to be the 9 of the greatest wizards and witches in the world. Their strength is rumored to be unmatched.

Assistant Teachers: What one can call a secretary. A lt to a general and sorts. The Elites are allowed to have Assistant Teachers that may cover classes in the event that the teachers are absent. They are regarded as being much stronger than Students, but don't measure to anywhere near the strength of the elites. They can be both student or non-Student. They are also allowed to be present during liess significant meetings.

Student Council
The student council. The students that are elected by their classmates to manage Teacher - Student Relations. The student council has 3 heads. Each one of them may be present during the less significant elite meetings regarding administrative decision. There votes have no value, but they have the right to state their opinion and debate. They can do so, but any objection to decision approved by the council will be disregarded.
The 3 heads are regarded to be slightly stronger than a normal student.

Students: Students. Need I explain ?

More will be added as more are suggested. This is just a rough draft.
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--- Hierarchy ---
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