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 Random reading in the Library

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PostSubject: Random reading in the Library   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:31 pm

Entering the library, he looked around to affirm his idea that no one really wanted to be in the library at that time of day. Looking around, he found a few books that caught his attention as he pulled them off the shelf. He sat by a table in, you guessed it, the corner. Grabbing the top book of his pile, he sat straight and began to read. He moved very little, and one would even think he was dead, or unconscious, if not for the occasional page turn.


Engrossed in his reading, he had sat all day, and just as he finished his last book, the bell conveniently rang. Remembering he was to meet Rebecca afterwards for his punishment, he went to the main librarian and asked where he should meet the teacher. He was pointed towards the discipline room. He walked towards that area as he popped his head in, looking to see if Rebecca was there.

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Random reading in the Library
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