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 The Black Joker.

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PostSubject: The Black Joker.   Fri Jul 03, 2009 9:02 pm

Name: Shoshrin Jaken.

Age: 16

Gender: Male.

Rogue, Student or Taikia: Rogue.

Class: 4.

Appearence: Jaken has a rather lean figure which is toned with muscles from intensive training. His skin is extremely light, almost to the point of being pale, with short black hair that reaches his chin. A smiling mask always adorns his face unless alone, leaving people to guess what Jaken's facial features are. The man usually wears a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt, tie, and a fedora as his official gear for missions.
~Nationality: Psh.
~Tattoo's/Piercings: A Joker playing Card tattooed on his back in black ink.
~Height: 5'8.

Personality: Jaken is a rather reclusive man, keeping to himself unless bothered enough, or if it's his superiors asking. After being exposed the dirtier parts of the world at a young age, he has a very negative view of things as they come, alienating people and isolating himself in the process. Recently, as he was given time off to relax from his duties, Jaken enrolled in a School of Magic as a means to pass time until the vacation is over.

History: Growing up in a district of Italy, life wasn't too bad, as the apartment was in one of the middle districts, but poverty was a avoidable constant in their family sometimes. To provide for them better, his Father, Danna, took on three jobs; working himself to death. To death, was a good comparison; as there was a career shortage lately, and the other men were directed by their envy, and killed with their hate. Unfortunately, the 9-year old Jaken witnessed this during a chore and was promptly scarred. After that, the boy worked to the early morning to master magic, in order to prevent the tragedy that befell Danna from happening again to his mother.

5 years after some brutal training under a Elite named Zeke who he met one day, Jaken became enrolled in a School of Magic. To be honest, the place sucked, but his mentor assured him that moving up was only a matter of time. It turns out Zeke was right, in five months, he quit the place, requesting more training from him. Pleased, the man trained Jaken in everything he knew about magic and physical abilities. 2 years later, the Rogue had managed to surpass the Master, but there were still many things that he still needed to learn.
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Joker.   Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:18 pm

approved ^_^
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The Black Joker.
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