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 Slikver Orienia

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Slikver Orienia
Class 1 Student

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PostSubject: Slikver Orienia   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:16 am

Name:Slikver Orienia



Group: elite/student

Class: 1

Appearence: [text or a pic will do]

Personality: boring, nice, good guy thats it really

History: when he was little he was taught ancient elven sorcery and even give an elven name and ever since he completed he teachings he became quiet and pretty boring but really nice and good he eventually came to this school to fit in with people

RP Sample: slowly walks up on an unexpecting bystander as they have no idea they are about to die and he takes off his glove and grabs the bystander by the back of his head the markings on the skin of the predator glowing as the newest prey slips out of consciousness slowly wondering what's the predator says quietly"hello...and goodbye" and lets out a slight chuckle that will haunt the prey forever...
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Daryga Takanashi
Class 8 Elite

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PostSubject: Re: Slikver Orienia   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:41 am

Please add more you your history, I know 'tis a bother, but make it one or two paragraphs at the least just so we have a bit more of background information.

Also, describe your character's personality more; be specific. Here are a couple points to go on for your personality:

-How does your character deal with people relations? Is he secluded, is he outgoing, is he the joker of the group, etc.

-Does your character like to fight? And if so, then why?

-Does your character have any pet peeves or things he does not like? Explain.

-What does your character like? Why does he like these things?

-What are your character's goals in life? Explain what he wants to do and why he wants to achieve this.

-What are your character's weaknesses? Is there any history behind these weaknesses?

-Does your character specialize in a sport or magical skill of some sort? If so, does he enjoy boasting about it or does he hide it from others?

Those are only some things to use in your personality, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to use all of them, but explain how your character acts a bit more so we have a basic understanding of how he works. Once you have made those edits, notify me or another mod/admin and we will approve you ^^. Oh and one last bit, you cannot start as en Elite, if you want to be an Elite, you must ask Rebecca. She is our head admin and decides who our Elites are. So, ask her if you would like to be an Elite and she will consider you.
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Slikver Orienia
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