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 Zero Sakazaki

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Zero Sakazaki
1st Night Class Elite

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PostSubject: Zero Sakazaki   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:20 am

Name: Kira Sanjiro (Zero Sakazaki is a cover up.)

Age: Unknown (17)


Group: Night Class

Class: Ex - 6

~Nationality: Unknown (Perhaps Hispanic with European along Pacific Islander)
~Tattoo's/Peircings: 3 Piercings on one ear. All green schemed.
~Height: 5' 7ft.

Personality: Zero is a very cunning and sarcastic young man. He is a trickster who seems to side with no one but himself. He manipulates other people as if it were a game and is easily bored with people who don't interest him. He usually hides his true strength and likes to flaunt the superiority of his halfhearted effort. He speaks in a playful and condescending manner, which often irritates the characters he is speaking to.

History: Zero had been teaching the class of sixth until the day he had been tired and bored of it due to his inner acknowledgments to himself and thinking everyone is below him. Though he was one of the original of the 9 Elites and was known back then as Enzeru Kurosaki. Another fake name. His reasons for teaching the school with his forbidden black magic was unknown. A mastery of the black arts he truely was someone to suspect of everything. As it is said in the darkness he will bind you. Though surprisingly he had left the school's little organization for another unknown reasoning to go into a new one known as the Night Class. Being one of the former elites his powers are still unknown other than knowing it's just wrong. But stronger than the normal magic students and assistants use. Though after a few years it was proven he was not elite rank anymore. Just around the 'Assistant' level due to the new elite 9.

Well the real reason Zero joined this class was to hold all the spells and negative energy from all spell casters in the world by manipulating this organization from the inside out and control others. Zero being one of the youngest elites from the original has shown much potential and threat. By serving the Devil, Lucifer himself in these dark arts, Zero has exchanged his eye sight and senses into more of a beast that exceeds human capacity. His eyes are crimson and he wears dark green glasses to hide it most of the time but inevitable to reveal them. These eyes allows him to see the spell circulation around the person's aura and energy as well it helps heightens his chances of countering the spell quicker. Zero's plans for conquering the schools and people have not gone into plan but it is clear he is the antagonist of this story. Everything just questions this young man in why he does it other than gaining.

RP Sample:

Too lazy to post one Razz

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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Zero Sakazaki   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:26 am

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Zero Sakazaki
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