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 Daryga's Spells

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Daryga Takanashi
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PostSubject: Daryga's Spells   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:27 am

Name: Way of Magic #114 Fukiareru (Devastation)

Incantation: "Heaven's not enough... Parcels of darkness row about the waters of ignorance bliss and defy a cleansing so long awaited. Return to hell aboded and forcibly watch die all for which you once fought for; with grace in my step, burning souls deter tranquility. You are not remembered."

Ability: This spell gives the opponent a choice after the incantation: the left eye or the right eye. Each eye will bring about its own effect in the technique. The opponent must choose one eye and the one chosen will be the illusion they undergo.

Left eye's power - This eye's power is the abilitiy to stare into the very soul of the opponent and learn what is the most important thing to them, the best thing that did (or could) ever happen to them. What this technique really does is that, once this is found out, the illusion will project this extraordinary thing in front of the opponents' eyes and slowly, this illusion will force their opponent to watch their greatest pleasure be taken away. This technique is meant to dabilitatingly scar the opponent mentally and cripple their entire physical condition. When taking away this pleasure from the opponent, this is done in an utterly slow manner while the opponents' eyes are unable to stray freom the scene; this is so the opponent will have time to beg and plead for the saving of this pleasure, while unheeded. This technique manifests the opponents' greatest pleasure and slowly, it destroys this pleasure right in front of the opponent while he can do nothing more than watch and beg for the survival of their pleasure; even though it will not survive. When done, the opponent will come to his/her senses, back on the battlefield. This experience will most certainly cripple the mind through and through as well as the ohysical condition should be a wreck; barely allowing them movements at the will of their mind because the body is still on shock from the devastating experience.

An OOC Note: During this technique, you will need to explain the greatest pleasure your character has in your psot, seeing as I cannot actually look into your soul and see lol. After that, I will explain in my post how this pleasure is taken away from your character in the illusion.


Right eye's power - If the right eye is chosen, it will physically put blood on the opponents' hands and make them feel an unimagineable amount of guilt. the opponent will be led into a happy place, a picnic during a hot-sunny day in the middle of a pleasant meadow. The opponent wills ee everyone who is, or ever was, important to them. The opponent will be holding a blade and, uncontrollably, his/her body will move and kill everyone who is important to them; one by one. No matter how hadr he/she tries, they cannot stop themselves from killing and the screams and cries and panicking of their loved ones will haunt them, echoing throughout their head. Spattered blood will be left on their clothes so they will remember what they did and break down mentally because of it. This technique is also mentally crippling to the point, like the left eye's technique, that it will leave the physical body in so much shock that it will eb barely able to move or, maybe, not move at all.

OOC Note: for this technique, the opponent must describe their own experience and how they are forced to kill everyone they love with no control over themselves. They must also describe the echoing cries and screams of their fallen friends/family and other effects the illusion has on them.

Limit/Duration/Cooldown: Depending on the illusion, the length can differentiate. With the immense power of this illusionary technique, it can only be used once per battle.

Left Eye's Manifestation:

Right Eye's Manifestation:
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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Daryga's Spells   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:47 pm

Nice! Approved
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Daryga's Spells
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