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 Ryuu (AMEN!)

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PostSubject: Ryuu (AMEN!)   Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:05 pm

Name: Ryuu



Group: Student



~Nationality: American
~Tattoo's/Piercings: None.
~Height: 5'8

Personality: Ryuu isn't a person you would see surround by friends, and people that think he's amazing. He prefers silence. Ryuu thinks of silence as heaven, and will to anything to make sure its silent. He isn't really a sociable person. Ryuu always had a bad attitude to new people, expect a pretty girl. He try's his best to make a new person hate his gut. Ryuu has no pity for those who loss a fight, and enjoy seeing them in pain. He rarely smiles at anything, and would fake on to get out of anything. He normally uses his real smile on a pretty girl, and would do anything to make them happy. Ryuu hates when people leave thing a mess, and would drag them to the mess if necessary.

History: Ryuu grew up with his father, mother, and 3 younger sisters. Wonderful. Ryuu was the oldest of his siblings, and that's the way he liked. When Ryuu was 6, before his sisters could even walk and talk, his mother was killed. She got into a car ascendant, a horrible one. His sister were triplets, and were always seen together. His father was not a very kind man. He didn't care about his childern, but about his business. Great father. So when one of his daughters had something to say, they would run to Ryuu. Ryuu of course loved his sister to death, but having to deal with them like a father when he was 12 didn't really work out. But Ryuu dealt with it, and the next thing you know he was 16. His sister were 10 at the time. Ryuu had taken a could marital arts classes, so he was ready for a fight any day. One day his sister came running to his room, saying someone boy was picking on them. They boy was 18, so picking on 10 years old real nice. Ryuu went to deal with this boy the next day. It was a quick and easy fight, waste of time but Ryuu would do it any day. Ryuu beat the living snot out of the boy. That got Ryuu into wanting to fight more, and more. He was banned from several schools,as a result to this. His father of course didn't care. He would just sign Ryuu up into another school, but the same thing would always happen. Ryuu would pick a fight when someone made him mad. This soon brought his father's attention. His father worked in the businessman, so when he left his job just to speak with Ryuu that was a big thing. They had a manly chat, and Ryuu stopped fighting. One year later Ryuu got into a fight. Ryuu of course won, but that was to last straw for his father.

His father kept a eye on Ryuu. Never letting him leave the house, unless someone went with him. This made Ryuu want to fight more. So the fights kept on. His father left the office another day to speak with his son. This time it didn't end to well. Ryuu was a smart mouthed brat in the conversation, and his father hit him. Ryuu wouldn't dare hit his father, but the urge was so strong. Ryuu didn't sleep that night, he only thought. He had gotten kicked out of his school, again. So his father signed his up for Kiahou School. Ryuu had left the house that night for a walk, and when he came back he fell to the ground in tears. His house had bee burned to the ground. His father and sisters dead. And no one put out the fire. It seemed that no one cared. This made Ryuu mad at everyone. No one cared about some fire, that killed a family. Ryuu wanted to kill someone, but never did. How the fire started, no one knew. It was a shame, but it still happened. Ryuu still leaves flowers and his brunt down house.

RP Sample: [include if you want a elite/teacher position]
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuu (AMEN!)   Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:07 pm


be sure to pick a class soon, class 6 has the most students so i suggest for you to pick another class besides 6, then be sure to sign up for a dorm ^^

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Ryuu (AMEN!)
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