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 Genma Takeshi BIO

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Takeshi Genma


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PostSubject: Genma Takeshi BIO   Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:29 am

Name:Genma Takeshi






Personality:Genma is a open minded person,he always is really sleepy and sleeps all the time ,he gets really angry when someone disturbs hes sleep,and he never fights back when he knows and its seeminlgy true that the enemy is Weak.
When he is asleep he doesent hear anything at all.

History:Genma was born in a normal Italian Family, he entered a diffrent school after a incident what happened to a other student in another school in Italy.After that he moved to Japan with his family and he stepped in the local school.
Few years after entering the school he was Expelled because the same incident that happened in Italy happened again.

After being expelled his family was killed by some italian mafia what is one of the greatest in the southern italy.After that he became a Rouge.they say that he create a Organization where all the Expelled or graduated from the school join in and hes goal is to wipe all the Mafia Familys from the Italian southern site,but it takes time after he has finished his trainings over Magic!
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Daryga Takanashi
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PostSubject: Re: Genma Takeshi BIO   Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:50 am

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Genma Takeshi BIO
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