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 Arrival to dorm 3

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PostSubject: Arrival to dorm 3   Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:29 am

Kaiyo frowned at the srunched up piece of paper in her hand, it definately said room 3; but after an hour of searching the blonde girl had come to the conclusion there was no dorm 3 at it was simply a trick. In her usual manner Kaiyo had thrown her bag onto the ground and slid down the wall in defeat, still glaring at her piece of paper. After a while of just tapping her foot and humming the girl leapt back up to her feet, slouching her soulders as she slung her bag back on.

Running her hand along the left wall that she walked next to, Kaiyo siled at the passers's by. Eventually stopping a small group of students and asking them where room 3 was, Kaiyo's face dropped as she spun around. Sweatdropping the girl nodded and went on her way to room 3; the exact room she had just sat in front of.

Eyes wide with excitement, Kaiyo flung open her door. Not even bothering to look round much the small girl leapt onto the bed closest to her, 'It's been a long day' she moaned as she lay face down on her new bed, smiling.
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Arrival to dorm 3
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