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 The Society of Souls

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PostSubject: The Society of Souls   Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:33 am

It is the year 2220, just over 200 years since Soul Society engaged in the final battle against Aizen’s army of Arrancars. Both side suffered heavy losses, both races becoming almost being wiped out in the all out war of Apocalyptic scale, Arrancar and hollows alike attacking Seiretei head on in the name of Aizen, whilst Shinigami assassins slipped into Hueco Mundo and wrecked their own brand of chaos, turning Las Noches into nothing more but ruins.

Finally after what seemed like years Aizen was finally thrown down, the Arrancars retreated back to their night enshrouded world but Soul Society had little to rejoice about. The damage was heavy, not one slab of stone was without a blood stain, the once grand ranks of the Gotei 13 had been ravaged like the carcass of a deer by some ravenous hound, even the old Captains that had survived the war where soon distend to fade from this world, but the Shinigami knew that death was not the end.

The kings seal was brought out, and with the combined help of the Remaining Captains, enough power was brought out, for time to be sealed in the world of the living, so that the Soul Society could rebuild itself, to once again take on its role as the guardian of the world of the living. 80 Years from now, the Soul Society, though not fully healed, reached a point where it could begin to maintain the balance of the human world along with rebuilding of their own world. Time was unfrozen again, and the world went back to the way it ran, almost like nothing ever happened.

It is now the time for the next generation of Death God to step up and take control of their steal healing world, along with nursing the still sick and growing human realm. A time of relative peace has settled over them; however peace is a delicate thing that can shatter at any given moment.

And it won’t take much to shatter this already cracked glass that the Shinigami call peace.
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The Society of Souls
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