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 Denji's Potential Relationships

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Keigai Denji
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PostSubject: Denji's Potential Relationships   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:08 pm

I'm a copycat. I copied this from Rebecca who copied it from..can't remember the name.

interests: Climbing trees, reading, sleeping, talking, writing, cloud gazing, chilling, eating, drinking, smoking.
dislikes: Too much activity, bullies, assholes, idiots, men(with a passion), authority, class, being hungry.

Dating Relationships: Well, Denji is single at the moment. He doesn't connect with people easily, so its difficult for him to start a relationship. This does mean that he is inexperienced, and tends to get a little nervous. He is looking for the right girl, and is prepare to give anyone a shot just in case she turns out to be the right one. He will fall pretty easily, and would die to protect the one he is with.((In this kind of RP, possibly literally))

Enemies: Denji has more enemies than he does acquaintances. Having a natural rebellious streak, he doesn't get along well with anyone who thinks they are above him or tries to tell him what to do. He fights very often, more-so with fists than magic, but he has been known to piss of a few mages. Denji is what one would call the "outcast", and has made enemies of nearly everyone that in a typical highschool a person doesn't want to make enemies with.

Best friends: Denji has no friends at the moment, and for good reason. See above. However, if he were to gain a best friend he would do anything in his power to keep that friend. He is extremely loyal, and willing to do almost anything for a good friend. Generous by nature, he would give up any of his possessions if he felt his friend needed it more. Denji has been known to take quite a few punches for his old friends, though those friends would soon pack up and leave when they found that Denji got them into too much trouble for their own good.

Family: Denji has no family.
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Denji's Potential Relationships
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