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 Finally, a break!

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Kamoku Mikoto


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PostSubject: Finally, a break!   Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:25 am

Kamoku stretched out his arms and groaned loudly, "Finally! I have some free time!" He yelled out, Kamoku suddenly noticed a few pairs of eyes stareing at him, Kamoku quickly stood up from his chair and walked out of his classroom, he then walked out of the main building and off school grounds. Kamoku had some free time, finally, it had seemed he was in their for an eternity, and he was looking for something to do. Kamoku soon found himself on the city streets, he stopped for a moment and loosened up his black tie he was wearing, he then looked out at the street, slideing his hands into his pockets. a thick layer of gray clouds covered the sky, it seemed it was going to rain soon, cars sped by on the streets. "Sometimes I forget this is a city..." Kamoku muttered to himself, he shook the feeling of gloom off of his mind and started walking along the sidewalk, a cheerful smile on his face, occasionally he dodged a person walking straight into him. Hmmm....Where should I go?.... Kamoku thought to himself, he had never really ventured out into the city looking for something to do, so he didn't really know what their was to do, his smile faded into a casual expression. he came across a strip club, Kamoku stopped in his tracks, "...This city...Has as...Strip club?..." Kamoku seemed supprised, but what self respecting city WOULDN'T have a strip club? Kamoku coughed lightly as he stared at the tempting building. "Now isn't this a situation..." He coughed out to himself.
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Finally, a break!
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