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 Rono [class 6]

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PostSubject: Rono [class 6]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:18 pm






Appearance:He has a caramel skin tone and his eyes a pure black while not using his ability. He has black pearl ear rings in each ear and his hair is cut low and he also has cold black hair. He also has a loose black collar around his neck all the time which he never removes it has a plate on the Japanese symbol o it for "wind." He never buttons up his school uniform and lets his white shirt just dangle out of his pants. He also has a wristband on his right wrist when he opens his mouth always fangs are shown even without trying. He often scars people off because of it. When using his ability his eyes change silver when in moon light they would seem like they glowed.

~Nationality:African American
~Tattoo's/Piercings:Black pearl earrings
~Height:6' 1"

Personality: He's somewhat cold heated at times but that's because people treat him that way because of his appearance. He often fighting and has a short temper. He is funny at times when he wants to be well at least what he thinks is funny.( Which is terrorizing other people for no reason.) When in his serious mood he seems a bit emo but that's just the way he is. He is also very interested in I guess you can say pervy at some points but he can restrict it sometimes. He has a vast verity of personality but the main sticks to his very talkative and protecting towards anyone in a situation which he thinks they can't handle.

History: Rono was walking home from school one day at night after he was working on a school project with his friends. It began to rain while he was walking and he wanted to get home quickly so he walked through the park which was a little shorter route to his home. While walking through the park a couple of thugs were walking by and they were drunk from the many beer in which they had just robbed from a liquor store. They walked up towards Rono and one of them bumped into him and Rono continued to walk without saying anything. The punk turned around and shouted towards Rono "hey you little ass you bumped into me and your not gonna apologize!" At that point the whole crew stopped and looked back at the man shouting. Rono continued to walk saying nothing. The man snared and tightened his grip on a bottle he had in his hands and then drew back and threw it directly towards Rono's head. Rono sensed the bottle coming towards him and simply stepped to the side and the bottle shattered on the ground. Rono then stopped and then sighed slightly as he took off his bag and sat it on the ground softly and turned and looked towards the man with his cold black eyes as the lightning stuck as if for dramatic affect. He stared at the man that threw the bottle then looked at the shattered glass on the ground. He said to the man in a calm and slightly deep voice "hey pick this up....if one of the little kids so happened to stumble upon this they might get hurt." He man looked at him with widened eyes then began to laugh hard and the crew laughed along with him. Rono began to walk towards them slowly and then reached hm. The man said "loo-" before he could finish Rono punched his face and when he fell back he grabbed his neck then began to drag him where the bottle glass was shattered. He threw the man down to his knees and said in a serious voice. "Pick it" He looked at the man with his cold eyes. "The man began to pick up the pieces of the bottle and the crew that he had dragged the man from rushed over towards Rono and threw a couple of punches that caught him a few times then he swung his arm towards them and a large gust of wind picked them up and threw them back. Rono's eyes widened and then blinked afterwords. He thought to himself. "What hell was that....?" He looked at the men and the began to run away as well as the man that was picking up the bottle shards ran with all of them in his hands. Rono blinked slightly confused of what just happened but he tried it again and the surge of wind cleared a path within the rain. His eyes had changed from cold black to silver but he didn't know that.

The next day a man came to his home and told him about his about the magic he had and where he came from. Rono was referred to the school and he soon joined.

RP Sample:Rono sat on the roof of the school looking at the sky thinking to himself and every. He soon heard some kids walking by and he then looked down at them and closed his eyes and placed his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall looking away from the students again. "Man,I hope this school doesn't turn out to be a bore like all the others I'm be referred to...."
Rono held his hand up and looked into his palm and thought about the powers of magic which he was told he had by his grandfather. Which was a Japanese priest that messed with spirit stuff and things like that. "Grandpa you old fart why did you die?!"
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Rebecca Seitz
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PostSubject: Re: Rono [class 6]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:35 pm

Approved, welcome to class 6
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Rono [class 6]
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