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 Mizuro Rokura (Application)

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Mizuro Rokura
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PostSubject: Mizuro Rokura (Application)   Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:11 pm

1) Position: Admin, C-box Mod

2) Topics: I would be in control of new Spellbook Regestration

3) Why do you want to become a mod/admin? I would keep everything updated because I am on almost EVERY SINGLE day, such as the bleach pic in the template If the bleach forum decides to change it I will change the pic again. (Knowing exactly how). I am great with [BBcode] and can make charts graphs and such.

4) Why do you think you'll make a good mod/admin: I am very good at being a Admin I was extremely good as a Webmaster of my Site. I believe the Old name Was "A Ninja's Path" Before we tried to ressurect it renaming it a little "The Ninja Life". Plus I have alot of good ideas and a very active imagination and will make more spells as needed and other things. I also think of every outcome of a spell i see when if i were to check over them.

5) Any forums you've been a mod on before + link:

Ninja Life

I was the webmaster of this Site and it was a very fun active site. Although I do have to give credit to all my friends who helped advertise it.


I was an admin of this site sadly though it slowly died after not really a long life because of the very complex story line.

There were a few others But I losted track of them after I went away for about 5 months.
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Mizuro Rokura (Application)
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